Kid Froopy Puts His Spin on Lostboycrow’s “Orange Juice (Summer Squeeze Mix)”

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With bouncy synth additions, tightened percussion work, and clean vocal layers, Kid Froopy’s “Orange Juice (Summer Squeeze Mix)” is a brighter take on its original counterpart.
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Listen: “Orange Juice (Summer Squeeze Mix)” – Kid Froopy x Lostboycrow

Some of the most affecting songs are the ones that inspire an emotion or memory within us, even if we’ve never heard it before. Lostboycrow’s “Orange Juice (Summer Squeeze Mix)” does just that, with a breezy and sentimental aura featuring delicate vocal work and easygoing guitar riffs. The track is a lighter and brighter version of his song “Orange Juice,” premiered by Atwood Magazine at the beginning of this year.

Orange Juice (Summer Squeeze Mix) – Kid Froopy

The new version of the track is a remix by Kid Froopy. A rising producer gaining traction with his precision and innovation in production, he expertly spins the song. While the original track is just as groovy as the remix, it’s more laidback, contemplative, and jazzy than the “Summer Squeeze” version. Kid Froopy’s influence shines through with bouncy synth additions, tightened percussion work, and clean vocal layers.

I’ve been down (I don’t feel alone)
I’ve been down that road (soul is a mountain)
I’ve been down (I don’t feel alone)
I’ve been down that road

The Summer Squeeze Mix of “Orange Juice” pares down the lyrics and picks up the pace from the original. Still, it loses none of its emotion nor heart. The remix magnifies the atmosphere by clearly concentrating those feelings of euphoria, freedom, and summer energy.

The attention to detail on both versions seems to reveal Lostboycrow and Kid Froopy as ideal collaborators. Lostboycrow’s vivid and romantic lyricism pairs perfectly with Froopy’s cinematic, playful, and refreshing production. While the original might be best enjoyed lounging in the afternoon sun, the remix seems more suited to a lively dip in the pool with friends. Both situations – and songs – are perfect encapsulations of summer fun.

Orange Juice is a sort of call into embracing that which we can’t know. Accepting it as an adventure and not a sentence to live in fear,” Lostboycrow told Atwood Magazine. “Likening the idea of organized religions or really any absolute truths not as black and white answers but simply looking through the wrong end of a telescope.”

That sentiment remains on Kid Froopy’s remix, emitting a soulful, carefree energy that’s easy to latch on to. Without saying so, it seems to remind us that more than anything, life is meant to be enjoyed. Clocking in at 2:49, it feels like that idyllic summer spirit bottled up and released exclusively for your summertime playlist. Enjoy the warm breeze of the season while you soak up the sun and bathe in the good vibes on “Orange Juice (Summer Squeeze Mix)!”

Listen: “Orange Juice (Summer Squeeze Mix)” – Kid Froopy x Lostboycrow

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