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Welcome to the Atwood Blog

After over two months of hard work and planning, we’re ecstatic to announce the launch of our new blog. With this website, we will now be able to create content in between our seasonal publication, giving us the opportunity to engage more with our readers and further strive towards our mission to support not simply just artistic endeavors, but the stories behind them. I think our vision for the Atwood Blog is unique in that we aren’t going to focus on covering what’s “new” in the arts world, creating articles that simply attempt to be the first to announce a release or album drop. Although there’s something extremely important about this kind of writing and we aren’t completely writing that off, but we are going to attempt with many of our articles to go further–to explore forgotten creations, to unearth art that was once overlooked, to give new perspective to something that we encounter every day. With columns like Pop Matters, which will dive into pieces of pop culture to explore why they are so widely known and why they matter, and The Gallerist, a section that accounts the experience of viewing art, we hope to present our readers with content that will challenge convention and encourage them to think about these topics for themselves.

Creating this new website has given me the chance to reevaluate the goals of Atwood and figure out what our mission truly is. To me, Atwood is a movement to not just take any work of art–a painting on a gallery wall, a track in an iPod library–at face value. It is the challenge to unearth the whys behind art. I believe people create to attempt to explore some aspect of what makes us human, which is why we feel an inherent connection to works of art, something that goes beyond the eyes and the ears. For good art, it is almost like there is a truth about humanity infused between the chords and beats, into the fibers of the canvas. I realize that this idea is a little dreamy, and I’m okay with that. It’s what art means to me. It is my hope that the articles written in Atwood will challenge readers to uncover what art means to them.

We are able to grow and evolve because of your continued support, and I sincerely thank you.

Liza Pittard

Editor-in-Chief & Founder
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