Cover for Transience & A Word from the Editor


I‘m incredibly excited to share with you all the cover for our summer 2014 issue “transience” by Elliott Alexander. By transitioning to seasonal rather than bi-monthly issues, we’ve been able to really focus on the details of this issue that I think will make all the difference. We are slowly finding our voice and making concrete what exactly our mission is, which only strengthens the content that we create and share with our readers. This issue is going to be filled with some of my favorite artists and musicians that have really compelling stories to tell. Transience as a theme presented us with a welcomed challenge as it isn’t the “typical” magazine theme, which is exactly what we’re going for as a publication because we want to push artistic and creative boundaries. Throughout the process of working on this issue, it has become apparent that this concept of transience is ever-present throughout the arts. Transience to me means evolution, the uprooting of permanence, fleeting moments, the ephemeral. As artists, it is our natural inclination to grow and change, and this can be seen by piecing together the timeline of  our creations. We all have resounding transient events in our lives that, although they are short-lived, have repercussions that effect not only our work, but also who we are, which, as artists, further informs our art, our music. By pinpointing this concept of transience as it exists in the lives and works of each individual, we are able to dig deeper into the stories behind each creator. These stories are what Atwood is all about. It’s one thing to view a work of art or innovation, but it’s another to understand the person behind it. Our goal is to uncover these stories and share them with our readers, thus furthering our mission of celebrating creativity and illuminating the power of art.

 We’re still accepting literary and photographic submissions, so please email us at to submit and find more information on our “get involved” page. Stay tuned for the release of issue 8 in August!

Liza Pittard

Editor-in-Chief & Founder


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