Premiere: Oli Hannaford Goes Deeper in “Locker” Live Session

Accompanied by a guitarist and a drummer, Oli Hannaford sits thoughtfully behind a keyboard. They are situated in a line, with Hannaford in the middle; he is the center of attention. This video, which Atwood Magazine is proudly premiering today, is, of course, about Hannaford — it is, more specifically, a live session featuring a performance of his latest single, “Locker.

“Locker” is, arguably, Hannaford’s most glimmering effort yet. The track gleans palpable emotionality, and Hannaford’s exquisite falsetto is showcased at the forefront of it all. The track has been described as being about encouraging someone that’s having a bad night — and maybe even bringing everyone else down — to step out of their comfort zone. “Locker” offers moments of passionate insight, telling a fully blended narrative of “life, love, and soul.”

Locker - Oli Hannaford
Locker – Oli Hannaford

The video gives viewers an intimate glimpse at Hannaford, as its rawness and redolence add an intrigue to the overall tone and atmosphere. In itself, it is very simplistic, but that subsequently allows for the viewer to enjoy the performance in its purest state. Hannaford’s voice drips like honey over each lyric, offering an astute parallel between its visual and the song’s message. The video is calm, serene, and otherwise straightforward; the song, contrarily, is much more of a journey.

“Locker” shows a definitive growth in Hannaford’s continued upward musical rising. Since releasing his first song just about a year ago, the evolution of his sonic capabilities have really begun to shine. This track is technically clean, narratively concise, and may hold a deeper meaning meaning upon further inspection. In sum, it is exactly how a song should be crafted.

Oli Hannaford - "Locker"
Oli Hannaford – “Locker”

Hannaford himself notes that the song kind of says that everybody has the potential to go wild on a night out, they just may not know it yet.

“If you wanted to go deeper, it explores things like social anxiety and confidence,” Hannaford says. “We’ve all had a night where we feel like we’ve lost our social skills — haven’t we?”

Watch the Chapel Sessions video for “Locker,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Locker - Oli Hannaford

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