Premiere: Connecting to Disconnect in Mosquitos’ Tender “So Lonely”

So Lonely - Mosquitos still
So Lonely - Mosquitos still
Mosquitos’ “So Lonely” captures the haunting darkness of solitude in an age where everyone is connected, but no one connects.

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Disconnect: It’s a mysterious epidemic in the modern age that no one talks too much about, but everyone knows is there. We are more alone than ever before, but the ramifactions are more serious for some. Mosquitos’ “So Lonely” captures the haunting darkness of solitude in an age where everyone is connected, but no one connects.

I feel so lonely
I feel so lonely
I’m looking into your eyes
and girl you’ve got the blue eyes
and your lips are soft like clouds
in the blue skies
Watch: “So Lonely” – Mosquitos

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “So Lonely,” off Mosquitos’ recently-released album Mexican Dust (out August 18, 2017 via Six Degrees Records). The Brazilian indie pop group of Juju Stulbach, Chris Root and Jon Marshall Smith offer a soft, tender and delicate portrayal of loneliness through lush melodies and touching harmonies that cradle the ears.

Mexican Dust - Mosquitos
Mexican Dust – Mosquitos
I feel so lonely
I feel so lonely
I’m right here next to you
and we all got so much to do
We are all in the same room
but I got headphones on
and she’s on the phone

“For “So Lonely” we had originally thought about a video showing people on the streets being completely consumed by their phones,” Mosquitos share. “Consumed by a life in the little screen that was far away from the here and now all around. Having lived outside the city was making this whole phone thing stand out even more and we were questioning certain aspects of social media and how we relate to each other these days. We then met artist Michael Sharp. He had made some beautiful art works exploring this subject and we were excited when we experimented with one of his videos for the song, they harmoniously blended without any extra editing. The video was born out of this spontaneous collaboration.”

Mosquitos © William Coupon
Mosquitos © William Coupon

Opening with the chorus, Mosquitos repeatedly go back to their chilling refrain: I feel so lonely. Again and again, we’re exposed to this dark uninhibited expression of strife, made all the more powerful thanks to Michael Sharp’s accompaniment. Sad, heavy and incredibly emotive, “So Lonely” will drag you down and fuzzy your senses. Its outlook may seem bleak, but perhaps viewers can find some solace in our shared isolation – and maybe then, we can all go do something about it.

Enjoy Mosquitos’ “So Lonely” in the dark, in isolation – exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Mexican Dust - Mosquitos

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video © Michael Sharp
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