Today’s Song: Lxandra Mesmerizes with “Dip My Heart in Confetti”

With “Dip My Heart in Confetti,” Lxandra entices you to engage in escapist behaviour and forget your worries with a night of rejuvenating fun.
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Listen: “Dip My Heart in Confetti” – Lxandra

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the struggles of daily existence sometimes. Dealing with everyday situations can feel puzzlingly overwhelming, and tackling challenges can start to resemble a never-ending chore. When things get to their worst, somewhat surprisingly, the best thing you can do is to escape your reality for a short period of time. Leaving everything behind, when every single thing seems worryingly pressing, grants you the gift of perspective; allowing you to come back to deal with whatever you’re struggling with, with a brand-new outlook.

Dip My heart in Confetti – Lxandra

With her latest single “Dip My Heart in Confetti,” Lxandra addresses that need for escape in a movingly sentimental manner. Although the track’s lyricism is stunning, with just her vocal performance Lxandra manages to express a multitude of intertwining emotions. The absorbing combination of her emotive lyricism and distinctive voice proves to be utterly intoxicating; making it impossible not to be drawn into the palpable emotions embodied within the song.

“Dip My Heart in Confetti” serves as Lxandra’s second release of the year, following the success of her sensational single “Swimming Pools.” That track quickly became a firm fan favourite, sitting alongside her earlier release “Dig’ Deep” as one of her most popular tracks. “Dip My Heart in Confetti” seems to already be on its way to securing a precious place in fan’s hearts like the aforementioned tracks.

Speaking of the track, Lxandra explains, “It’s about that feeling when you try to force yourself to forget about something or someone, it works for one night maybe, but it’s not really useful in the long run. You just get caught up in a loop and never get completely out of it, your heart never heals. But sometimes it’s simply exactly what you need; dress up, get out, feel good for a moment and dip your heart in confetti.”

The track’s lyricism undoubtedly sees Lxandra draw deeply from her own personal experiences, but she successfully manages to distill her own distinct emotions into pitch-perfect pop in a way that only a select few artists can. One such artist is the spectacular Sigrid, who actually co-wrote this track. While both Scandinavian, Sigrid hails from Norway while Lxandra originates from a tiny Finish Island called Suomenlinna, which has a population of just 800.

Given the accessible and powerful nature of her music, it surely won’t be long until Lxandra is headlining venues with capacities that far exceed the population of her hometown. Now based in the creative hub of Berlin, Lxandra will be releasing her debut EP entitled Another Lesson Learned within the next few weeks. If “Dip My Heart in Confetti” is anything to go by, it looks primed to be an unmissable release.

Listen: “Dip My Heart in Confetti” – Lxandra

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