“Comfort, Community, and Making a Home”: Walker Premieres Soulful & Soothing New Single, “I’ll Be Right Here”

Walker Landgraf © 2022
Walker Landgraf © 2022
Gentle and graceful like a warm, tight hug, Walker’s soothing new song “I’ll Be Right Here” is care and comfort manifest: A tender, soulful reassurance that everything will be okay because we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.
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Like a warm, tight hug or a big, cozy blanket, Walker’s new song is care and comfort manifest: Gently and gracefully, the soothing “I’ll Be Right Here” wraps itself around our ears and our hearts, reassuring us that we’re not alone and that we can and will get through whatever obstacles lie in our way. With so much chaos, uncertainty, fear, and disorder in our world today, we often forget to be present and live in the moment; we forget ourselves and lose sight of the here and now. “I’ll Be Right Here” is a tranquil, tender remedy. It’s nice to have a song that centers us, calms the nerves, and reminds us that everything will be okay.

I'll Be Right Here - Walker
I’ll Be Right Here – Walker
I’ll be right here
where you said you’d leave me
I’ll be right here
just about all the time
You’re a load off my mind
You’re welcome any time and
I wanna know where you’ve been
I wanna know where you’re coming round the bend

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “I’ll Be Right Here,” Walker Landgraf’s third song release of the year and the latest single taken off his forthcoming debut album Phew, out this November. A 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter, Walker was born and raised in Los Angeles, studied digital production and jazz performance in New York City, and currently lives in Chicago. Inspired by everyone from his favorite band, The Beatles, to D’Angelo and Erkyah Badu, Walker’s art defies genre in the standard sense. His songs are catchy and fit into a greater pop frame, but within his music one can expect to hear everything from jazz, to blues, to classic R&B.

Walker Landgraf © James Werner
Walker Landgraf © James Werner

Following Walker’s summer singles “I’m Going Back to California” and “Maestro,” his latest release is especially soulful, calling to mind artists like Marvin Gaye and Al Green. A smooth and smoldering immersion, “I’ll Be Right Here” hits home as Walker sings a sweet, simple message from the heart. His voice shines with a golden light over dulcet, radiating guitar riffs and a steady, grooving drum beat

I’ll be right here
where you said you’d leave me
I’ll be right here
even when its hard
I got my work to do
And I got ones around me who feel it too
And we could stay together
So won’t you come down?

For Walker, this song is about find his own special place in the world – that physical space where we know, inside and out, that we belong. “This is a song about comfort, community, and making a home,” he tells Atwood Magazine. “I never quite felt I had a ‘home’ in the deeper sense after I left California at 19. And after looking back, I realized that what I had as a kid wasn’t much of a home, either. Here in Chicago, after growing up in LA and spending a few years for school in NYC, I’ve created my first true ‘home’ and my circle of friends.”

Come down
And won’t you stay with me
‘Cause i’ll be right here
Where I’m making a home
And I’ll be right here
I’m no longer alone
My people care for me
They make it clear to me
That I belong
Walker © Jonathan Gardner
Walker © Jonathan Gardner

My people care for me; they make it clear to me that I belong.” Whether you yourself are exactly where you need to be and surrounded by the people you need in your life, or if you’re still figuring those things out, “I’ll Be Right Here” is an undeniably warm, welcome, and loving embrace. Walker has outdone himself on a song that comes from, and speaks to the heart, all while showcasing his dazzling vocals and enchanting lyrical talents. In the relative simplicity of this track, he has found something sublime.

Stream “I’ll Be Right Here” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from Walker as he gears up to release his debut album Phew this Novembrer!

I’ll be right here
I’ll be right here
It may not be all the time
But when you need it what is mine
Could be yours too
So won’t you come down
Come down, yeah
Won’t you come down, oh
And stay with me

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Stream: “I’ll Be Right Here” – Walker

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