“One day I made a wish…”: Ginger Winn Basks in Sweet Dreams on Debut Single “Super 8”

Ginger Winn © Alyssa Mancini
Ginger Winn © Alyssa Mancini
Singer/songwriter Ginger Winn basks in sweet dreams of love everlasting in “Super 8,” her warm and wondrous debut single.
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Every breath taking moment, it’s another celebration of the love that we found…

We were all kids once – young and sweetly naïve, dreaming about love and wondering what it felt like, and who we might one day share it with. Some of us have since found it, while others are searching for it still.

And while nothing compares to the real thing (this I assure you), there’s something to be said about the magic and wonder of those dreams. Dreams are, after all, what gets so many of us out of bed every day; they’re what motivate us, inspire us, drive us onward, and keep us fighting to better ourselves and our world. Singer/songwriter Ginger Winn basks in sweet dreams of love everlasting in “Super 8,” her warm and wondrous, hazy and heartfelt debut single.

While dreaming about love will never be the same as the real thing, it can be almost as wondrous as living it.

Super 8 - Ginger Winn
Super 8 – Ginger Winn
One day I made a wish
I thought it would never come true
To swim forever in
Two seas of blue
Love wouldn’t let me
Forget about you
Life is cypress trees
And poppy fields
Herds of goats and
Handmade meals
It’s another celebration
Ooh yeah
Of the love we found

Released March 21, 2024 via Keep Good Company Records, “Super 8” is a smile-inducing reverie and an intimate introduction to South Carolina-born, South Africa-based singer/songwriter Ginger Winn. The artist’s first song, produced by David Baron (The Lumineers, Shania Twain, Shawn Mendes), evokes the candid intimacy and vulnerability of everyone from Taylor Swift to Lizzy McAlpine as she delves deep into the contents of her heart, spilling its content with poetic grace and tenderness.

Glistening guitars, shimmering drums, and smoldering horns encircle Winn’s delicate, ethereal, and impassioned voice as she evokes visions of a love story still to unfold:

Bathroom tiles
Tear filled smiles
Developing film in a smoke filled room
On my favorite seat
With a song on repeat
And the windows wide open
Our ears full of oceans
In a bed full of sand
While your heart beats in my hand
We lay, we sit, we stand

Winn calls this track a tribute to the fleeting dreams of one’s twenties.

“This song is about dreaming of love, falling into it, and celebrating it, a story of the little moments we all share,” she tells Atwood Magazine. “Where your imagination shows you what it’s like to fall in love with a stranger, walk down a road in Italy you’ve never been, or finally making it to New York City – these dreams feel so out of reach for so many of us, but at the same time, they are what drives all of us.”

Ginger Winn © Alyssa Mancini
Ginger Winn © Alyssa Mancini

Falling in love happens in life’s little moments.

It’s a scattering of memories and instances of intimate human connection – little laughs, shared smiles, and more – amassed over days, weeks, months, and years. In “Super 8,” Ginger Winn feeds those little moments back to us one at a time like flashbacks played on Super 8 film, each lyric at once nostalgic and hopeful, part of a special love story that is so uniquely intimate, yet beautifully universal at the same time.

If you’ve ever dreamed of falling in love, “Super 8” will hit a tender sweet spot deep down inside. And if you’re still dreaming of falling in love, then let Ginger Winn’s enchanting, rose-colored reverie be the vessel for your wildest dreams

Life is cypress trees
And poppy fields
Herds of goats and
Handmade meals
It’s another celebration
Of the love that we found
Louis Armstrong songs
As we stumble along
Hilltop towns
Seas of green surround
Strolling cat alleys
To make sure no one else is around
Every breathtaking moment

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Stream: “Super 8” – Ginger Winn

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Super 8 - Ginger Winn

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