Premiere: The Icy Cool Chill of LYYN’s Lovelorn “Our Place”

LYYN © Bao Ngo
LYYN © Bao Ngo
LYYN dwells in memory’s painful ache on her poignant “Our Place,” an icy cool pop song commemorating time, place, and connection.
Stream: “Our Place” – LYYN
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Nothing ever lasts quite as long as a memory.

Loss never hits all at once: It comes in waves over time, as the present day clashes with our memories of the past to remind us of what is, and what is not. LYYN dwells in memory’s painful ache on her poignant “Our Place,” an icy cool pop song commemorating time, place, and connection.

Our Place - LYYN
Our Place – LYYN
All these places we used to go
They’re just dots on a map now
Just reminding me of how
You once loved me
Missing you always takes me back
To that bar down in Soho
We would dance there until close
You once loved me (me)

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Our Place,” LYYN’s second single and her first release of 2019. Based in Brooklyn, LYYN is a rising Chinese-American pop artist with a clean, raw, and palpable artistic vision. Debuting only six months ago with the ecstatic and introspective “Out of Breath,” LYYN’s music to date echoes strong electronic pop influence, with beats and rhythms reflecting everything from disco and ’80s dance pop, to 2010’s house and more.

“Our Place” mixes a modern pop sheen into the raw emotive recollections of a love as it was: “All these places we used to go, they’re just dots on a map now, just reminding me of how you once loved me,” the artist sings in her intro and outro, evoking the power of geography in evoking memory and evotion.

And when it rains
It pours, it pours
Those nights are long gone
Your love is long gone
But for a moment I can still pretend
This is our place
Sometimes I pass by
The memory’s still strong
Oh for a moment I can still pretend
This is our place
LYYN © Bao Ngo
LYYN © Bao Ngo

“Nothing ever lasts quite as long as a memory,” LYYN tells Atwood Magazine. “I want to guide listeners on an intimate tour through my vision of New York, where a simple street corner sets the stage for thrilling romance or crushing heartbreak. It’s bittersweet to witness how quickly favorite spots come and go because they remind me how much we’re capable of changing over time.

She continues, “For production, I re-united with collaborator Myles Avery to build “Our Place” from the ground up. The foundation of the track lies in the pulsing, constant groove inspired by house artists like Mondo Grosso. Also, I love the way the guitar sounds interplay with the synth chords to give a lyrically sad song vitality and hopefulness in the melody. I strongly feel there’s important life lessons to be learned from every breakup, big or small – better to view them more as the golden, fleeting moments they are as opposed to merely obstacles before meeting the person you might end up being with for a long time. There’s sadness and longing in “Our Place” for sure, but also notes of optimism and gratitude for the past. This song is about the cleansing process of moving on and how finding solace in the sentimental can make you feel human again.”

Out of this darkness, LYYN begins to find her own light. It begins with acknowledging and dwelling in heartbreak, and ends with a fresh break from the past – when we’re finally able to bask in our memories, without clinging to them for survival.

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Stream: “Our Place” – LYYN
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Our Place - LYYN

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