“A collection of introvert anthems”: Boston’s Little Fuss Premiere Their Debut EP ‘Hazy’

Little Fuss
Little Fuss
Sweet sounds and searing sentiments come to the fore in Little Fuss’ debut EP ‘Hazy’, a radiant indie pop outpouring that magnifies the intimate space of an introverted mind.
for fans of Caroline Polachek, CHVRCHES, MisterWives
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A series of four glistening and groovy emotional upheavals, Little Fuss’ debut EP is an effortlessly evocative and compelling introduction. Sweet sounds and searing sentiments come to the fore in Hazy, a radiant indie pop outpouring that magnifies the intimate space of an introverted mind.

Hazy EP - Little Fuss
Hazy EP – Little Fuss
Watch out ’cause I could
write a song like you if I wanna

But I would rather give you space
I don’t think it’s time for me to worry
But I don’t want to slip into complacency
I’ll be sitting in the sun and writing your name
Singing just for fun ’cause it’s about to rain
Laughing over how I had a bad day
And I don’t really care, so

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Little Fuss’ debut EP Hazy, independently out August 20, 2021. The Boston-based duo of vocalist Olivia Martinez and multi-instrumentalist Cody Von Lehmden, Little Fuss formed while both members were studying abroad in Spain in 2019.

Two years later, the band are now ready to spread their wings and share their colors: This past March saw the unveiling of their debut single (and EP opener) “Watch Out,” a bold and buoyant display of conviction dressed to the nines in subtle harmonies, with thick bass and soaring sonics popping in and out, accentuating emotions and moments along the way. Topping it all off is Martinez’s expressive vocal performance, which roars with assertive passion and learned self-confidence. It’s an impressive opener for two admittedly reserved people, and one that showcases, in just two and a half minutes, the multifaceted nature of their blossoming artistry.

Subsequent singles – the effervescent, cinematic “Human of the Century” and the roaring, dynamic “Too Close for Comfort” – have helped grow the hype around Little Fuss, all of which leads up to Hazy‘s short, yet charming experience.

“Our debut EP, Hazy, is a collection of introvert anthems,” Little Fuss tell Atwood Magazine. “Each song puts a magnifying glass to a different aspect of being a quiet overthinker. Our goal as collaborators is to express ourselves through a pop lens, reclaiming the conventionally extroverted genre for more introspective, maybe even shy, listeners.”

First of all, I’d like to thank my mom and dad
Without their love I’d never hold this piece of metal in my hands
I’m not really sure if it’ll bring about much change
But I’ll accept it anyways
Isn’t it strange
How everybody wants to win the game
Just because we heard it numbs the pain
I thought it’d feel so good to hear you call my name onto the stage
Isn’t it sad
How everybody loves to feel so bad
Crying simply ’cause we know we can
On second thought, I think I’d like to give this back
Who should I ask for that
I’m not sure how people vote on this award
Human of the Century, but what’s it for
I’d like to think it’s not just because I conformed
Passed a test and nothing more
Little Fuss
Little Fuss

Shy though they may be, Hazy is an enchanting listen for all – its deeply reflective lyrics resonating alongside stunning pop melodies and rich harmonies that dazzle the ears and warm the heart. Diving deeper into their EP, Little Fuss took us track-by-track through the first four songs of their career:

Watch Out

‘Watch Out’ was our humorously loud way of expressing a sort of quiet confidence. In the midst of a competitive music environment, we had fun writing a tongue-in-cheek song about finding our own sound without trying to compare ourselves to others. Every set of musicians has different strengths and we think that should be celebrated!

Human of the Century

The lyrics of ‘Human of the Century’ deliver a fictional acceptance speech to a futuristic world, the award itself being a hyperbolic symbol for social validation. When the narrator decides to turn down the award, she questions why we try so hard to fulfill everyday societal expectations. When I wrote this song, I had gotten into the habit of viewing everyday interactions as superficial and absurd. Luckily, I think fictionalizing these concerns helped me understand what it means to free yourself from manufactured emotion. Free yourself to be yourself – and if you hang around the right people, you will find a life full of genuine connections.


The “you” in ‘Hazy’ is less of a “you” and more of a mindstate I was stuck in at the time. I think a lot of people have a tendency to go into a numbing state of autopilot when we get overwhelmed. This can be a scary feeling, but I hope this song inspires people to dance their way through the haze until they regain the strength to pick themselves back up again.”

Too Close for Comfort

‘Too Close for Comfort’ recounts an introvert’s side of an intense conversation. The song follows her process of overanalyzing the scene in retrospect, realizing everything that was probably left unsaid.

All told, Hazy is an immersive and memorable first step forward. Little Fuss’ sweet-with-an-edge brand of indie pop likens them to contemporaries such as Caroline Polachek, CHVRCHES, and MisterWives – and yet, there’s something special and different about these New England newcomers. Their work is varied and diverse, yet relatively cohesive; they unapologetically subvert expectations through instrumental change-ups and melodic sequencing; and throughout it all, they exude an air of uncompromising honesty and authenticity. Come for the sounds, stay for the stories: Little Fuss are here to make a big impression, and they’re well on their way with their debut EP.

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Stream: ‘Hazy’ EP – Little Fuss
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Hazy EP - Little Fuss

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