Premiere: Maybird Find a Blissful Solitude in “To You”

Maybird © Teagan West
Maybird © Teagan West
Tackling larger themes of human purpose for their debut album, Maybird first dissect the importance of individuality in their single, “To You.”
Stream: “To You” – Maybird
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In life, we are often reminded to go with our gut feeling. What exactly does that mean? In their single, “To You,” psych band Maybird uncover what it means to follow this instinct and the importance of sticking to yourself.

Things I Remember From Earth - Maybird
Things I Remember From Earth – Maybird
Always do what you think is right
Throw back the shade and shine some light on
What really matters most to you
This is to whom it may concern
Since it concerns us both we’ll take turns
For now I pass it on to you

Atwood Magazine is proud to premiere Maybird’s single “To You” from their forthcoming album, Things I Remember From Earth. Hailing from Rochester, New York, the four piece band mixes a multitude of genre techniques to create their own unique sound of rock, pop, and psychedelia. The result is a fine blend of creative, perception-altering music and the fun, easiness of pop writing.

In “To You,” Maybird tackles the idea of human instinct, and what matters most to each individual person. This subject stems from the concept of human purpose–the theme of Things I Remember From Earth. The album’s title and theme were both inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, The Sirens of Titan. “To You” focuses on identifying the important things in life, catering to every person’s idea of what that might be.

Maybird © Teagan West
Maybird © Teagan West
You used to call me on the phone
So we’d pretend we were not alone
And though thats not exactly true
It never mattered much to you
So stick around a little longer
and mix it up a little bit stronger
This is the best I can do to get through to you
Hey radio, my static soul is
cutting through this noise to you

The track immediately addresses that “what matters to you” always depends on the person. We all have different ideas of priorities. This can often be the cause of miscommunication, because we all have a different sense of values. The line “waiting around just won’t do when it don’t make sense to you,” suggests it’s pointless to try to have the same vision as someone else–it’s better to understand what you value most in order to carry on.

Quote from the band: “Our new album is called Things I Remember From Earth, and that title was inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s novel The Sirens of Titan. So were many of the themes in the songs. Human purpose is a big theme in the book, and “To You” took some inspiration from that. It’s about following your instinct and identifying what matters most to you personally. Don’t let anything get in the way of that… it’s something that I think everyone needs a reminder of from time to time.”

Maybird © Teagan West
Maybird © Teagan West

“To You” is definitely, in a sense, a self-love anthem of the morals we cherish as individuals and never losing a sense of them. The lighthearted melody of the song creates a realm of comfort and reassurance. “Don’t let anything get in the way of that [instinct]… it’s something that I think everyone needs a reminder of from time to time,” Maybird says.

Things I Remember From Earth is set for release on May 3rd on 30th Century Records.

Stream: “To You” – Maybird
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Things I Remember From Earth - Maybird

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