Today’s Song: Miss Machina’s “Like That” Has All the Shiny, Seductive Thrills We Crave

Miss Machina © 2023
Miss Machina © 2023
Effervescent synth-pop artist Miss Machina takes us on a journey of love through the monitor light in “Like That.”
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With apps readily available at our fingertips like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, dating via technology has become the new norm. Miss Machina’s glittery, synth pop single “Like That,” though possessing all the nostalgic flair, details a concept even today’s generation can resonate with. Focusing on romance transpiring through a screen, the track’s daring, radiant nature is highly infectious. In the song she fervently sings of using an online fling to get over her past, only to discover her feelings getting deeper.

Like That - Miss Machina
Like That – Miss Machina
Thought you were a phase
And then I’d recover
Everything would fade
Just like my ex-lover

Miss Machina is a Texas native and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter co-writing and collaborating with up-and-coming artists. She colorfully crafts music that combines 80s synth, 90s grunge and a tinge of early 2000s. The song was released May 25, 2023 and it seeps with retro Y2K feels. Her voice exudes such elevated vibrancy.

That electrifying energy paired with the spaced out soundscapes makes for a wholly compelling piece. The lyrics of pining away for a virtual crush, set to those bubbly backdrops, create vibes reminiscent of jams like Aqua’s “Doctor Jones” or Play’s “Us against the world.”

Miss Machina © 2023
Miss Machina © 2023

Imagine what I’d do
If you never happened
Nothing ever lasts
But I need some action

As the song goes on, Miss Machina further confesses her adoration. The irresistible, lovesick sentiment is something many of us can connect with. At one time or another most of us have felt that raw, aching desire. Listeners are instantly drawn into her palpable passion. She details young love through a fresh and inventive lens. We are here for that seductive, playful nature Miss Machina fans know and love.

I love you baby
Do you wanna date me
I got it bad
Why you gotta look like that

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Stream: “Like That” – Miss Machina

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Like That - Miss Machina

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