Premiere: Sink into “Slow Down Ego,” Moon Ruin’s Ethereal Dream

An ambient enchantment, Moon Ruin’s passionate “Slow Down Ego” lulls us into a dreamy relaxed state with its reminder to be present.

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Relax; breathe; let go. At times, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to step back and take notice of our world. Don’t worry about the future, and don’t dwell in the past; just sink into the present, and let it wash over you. An ambient enchantment, Moon Ruin’s passionate “Slow Down Ego” lulls us into a dreamy relaxed state with its reminder to be present.

Slow Down Ego - Moon Ruin
Slow Down Ego – Moon Ruin
Slow down ego
Take a walk
Slow down ego
Talk a walk

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Slow Down Ego,” the title track off Moon Ruin’s 2018 debut album. The musical project of Peoria, Illinois’ Jared Bartman alongside Mike Noyce and Liam O’Brien, Moon Ruin tackles visceral questions of the head and the heart through ethereal electro-folk warmth. The record transcends time and place while simultaneously existing because of it: Originally conceived of many years ago, Moon Ruin was put on hold by life’s sundry priorities, until at last it made its proper entrance into the world this year.

“The name came after making music as ‘Jared Bartman,’ and spending a long time thinking about a new name,” Bartman tells Atwood Magazine. “‘Moon Ruin’ sort of reminds me of one of my favorite books, ‘The Martian Chronicles’ by Ray Bradbury. Kind of connoting a ruined ancient civilization of the moon. It’s a vibe I like, and am happy to have it as my band name.”

“Slow Down Ego” is the penultimate track off Moon Ruin’s album, a slow and enchanting song sung by Bartman’s wife Stephanie. “Slow down ego,” she cries gently into an atmospheric haze. “take a walk.” Immediately, we feel this earthy, yet surreal energy wash over us, compelling us to take that breath and refresh ourselves.

The river will flow to the sea
But our love will never be free
I climbed the fire escape to your room
I crossed the palisades all alone
Da, da, da, forever

Directed by Abram Fischer, “Slow Down Ego” resonates with the depth of human connection and knowing. “My wife, Stephanie, myself, and our boys went to Badlands National Park in South Dakota this July and filmed the video with Minneapolis-based videographer Abram Fischer,” Bartman explains. “We think the tone of the video really matches the dreamy mood and atmospheric quality of the song.”

Stunning scenic views of the Mount Rushmore State fill our eyes as we Fischer captures the Bartman family separately and together. Apart from one another, they seem to be longing – in search of their whole. United, they emanate with that powerful bond only love knows.

“Slow Down Ego” is a beautifully entrancing reminder of the people we love and their impact and meaning in our lives. Stream Moon Ruin’s heartwarming new visual exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Slow Down Ego - Moon Ruin

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