“A Big Noisy Casserole”: Bristol’s Mumble Tide Are Unleashed in “Sucker”

Mumble Tide © 2021
Mumble Tide © 2021
Immediate and arresting, Mumble Tide’s charmingly dynamic “Sucker” unleashes a wave of passion on the airwaves as the Bristol-based duo sing “so long” to the ghosts and woes of their past.
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Immediate and arresting, Mumble Tide’s first song of the year unleashes a wave of passion on the airwaves as the Bristol-based duo sing “so long” to the ghosts and woes of their past. A dramatic and uninhibited release, “Sucker” soars with an unapologetic and charmingly dynamic fury: It’s the blistering “f*** you” we all want to shout out loud from time to time, manifested in a rip-roaring indie rock outpouring that’s as ragged and garage-y as it is fine-tuned finessed.

Sucker - Mumble Tide
Sucker – Mumble Tide
Are you gonna shine a torch
over all my shadows stretch too far
for a High sun.
I’m dizzy head rush
toke it like it’s the last one, last one.
‘Had another obscene dream last night that
I simply refuse to learn from.
If you’d have seen the way I got away
With lines like an old song
So long so long sucker

Released May 5, 2021 via Nothing Fancy Records, “Sucker” arrived this spring as Mumble Tide’s first single of 2021. The song acts as a follow-up to November 2020’s debut EP Love Thing, a multi-faceted six-track effort that introduced the many sides and sounds of Mumble Tide, duo-come-couple of Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers – who met, as it were, through a Gumtree ad for a bassist. Entirely DIY from their videos to the artwork, Mumble Tide are a world unto themselves – and “Sucker” is one of their most exciting concoctions yet.

“This one is just a super fun track we threw together,” Gina Leonard says. “It’s about feeling confident and free and moving on (or at least trying to). It’s about throwing the baggage off your shoulders and strutting away…but also accepting that it’s not that easy.”

Mumble Tide © 2021
Mumble Tide © 2021

Working together with friends (including French singer/songwriter Mathilde Bataille), Mumble Tide create an immersive world full of fiery energy, pure passion, and driving energy. Hypnotic guitars mesmerize and drums pulse a furious beat as Leonard burns a bright path forward for herself and others, ultimately coming to a fever pitch in an effervescent, punchy chorus: “So long, so long, sucker!” she chants on repeat. It doesn’t take long for us (as an audience) to join in, singing along with the band, in their anthemic reverie.

They continue to strut their stuff throughout “Sucker,” but the air is never conceited or cocky; rather, the song is an embrace of self-worth – an uplifting, emphatic reclamation.

Cut all my ties are tied like knots rotted together at the seaside.
That salt never dries up the wounds,
assume that you’re a rip tide.
It’s a funny world I’m living in my head turns out not to be a far cry.
While you’re bored, I’m swimming in
those pools pickle everything’s still alive
So long so long sucker

“‘Sucker’ is about trying not to care (we’re both not very good at that though!),” Leonard affirms. “The track started as a guitar riff over a drum machine Ryan was messing with on New Year’s Eve. He thought it was crap but I liked it a lot, and convinced him otherwise. We basically built it into a big noisy casserole and decided we wanted to get some friends involved to help make it nice and chunky. Last summer, one of my bezzies (‘o.k.norris’) popped round to record some saxophone for a project called Trouble Wanted. We still had the files and they were cool with us chopping up some of the unused takes and chucking them in the mix. We then asked Mathilde Bataille if she’d add some vocals (she has THE coolest voice and we were very excited when she said yes), our label bud Ben Woods (Golden Dregs) then added drums and finally Ryan’s old uni mate Alex Matthews added some bendy droney guitars.”

“It was so fun to be able to collaborate even with Covid lingering on, and it really brought ‘Sucker’ to life.”

Mumble Tide © 2021
Mumble Tide © 2021

Mirroring the present in real time, “Sucker” charts a journey from darkness into light: Of getting back that which you’ve lost, and bidding a not-so-fond farewell to a rotten past.

In other words, “Sucker” is the perfect anthem to soundtrack our reemergence from the past year’s pandemic.

Get lost in Mumble Tide’s radiant “big, noisy casserole” and revel in the throes of passion. “Sucker” is out now, as is Mumble Tide’s second single of the year, “Breakfast.”

Get in, get out so quick,
I don’t like the look of those dam kids
are on my tail like sniffer dogs
and I smell guilty I smell off
So long so long sucker

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Stream: “Sucker” – Mumble Tide

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Sucker - Mumble Tide

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