‘dog eat dog food world’: Niko B’s Vibrant Debut Album Playfully Chronicles Small-Town Antics

dog eat dog food world - Niko B
dog eat dog food world - Niko B
Niko B’s debut album ‘dog eat dog food world’ showcases the young artist’s signature blend of quirky witticisms with optimistic beats, bound to deliver a breath of fresh air into the modern British hip-hop scene.
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Released May 24, 2024 through Believe, Niko B’s first full-length album dog eat dog food world disproves the “one hit wonder” moniker ascribed to him after the success of his singles “Mary Berry” and “Who’s That What’s That.”

dog eat dog food world - Niko B
dog eat dog food world – Niko B

Emerging on the UK music scene in 2020, Niko B (real name Tom Austin) quickly made a name for himself. His distinctive, tongue-in-cheek tracks detailing everyday antics, accompanied by his humble, humorous online persona, has established Niko B a niche in the British hip-hop scene. His playful lyricism has been compared to the satirical style of artists such as The Streets and Kate Nash, but his electronic and jazz-infused beats into UK hip-hop creates a sound that is uniquely his own.

When asked about the title of his album, Niko B reveals it is centered around his desire to create his own sound and not worry about being the best.

“Instead of the dog-eat-dog, eat-before-you-get-eaten type mentality, I’m in a dog-eat-dog-food world,” he claims. “I’m enjoying my dog food. I don’t want anyone else’s.”

This breezy, rather endearing approach to industry politics certainly aligns with the artist’s penchant for unique and cheeky tracks and promises an album entirely individual.

Niko B © George Muncey
Niko B © George Muncey

Having described dog eat dog food world as “so so so different to anything I’ve made or put out,” Niko B’s new album certainly feels more personal than his previous releases.

Although his trademark style of wry lyricism is maintained, the production of the album feels more considered. ‘ur a bundle of joy !’ flaunts a refreshingly funky, flowing bass, whilst the humorous storytelling in “it’s not litter if you bin it” maintains his entertaining narrative style but with a cleaner, more confident delivery. “who’s in designer” offers a more experimental track focused around a breezy sample and smooth vocals. Overall, the sound of the album reflects a refreshing diversity to Niko B’s sound and the production of dog eat dog food world feels polished, but still delivers the authentically ‘homemade’ style that characterises this artist.

The album transforms the mundanity of being a teenager in a small British town into hilariously self-deprecating tales. Rapping un-self-consciously on topics ranging from drugs and violence to fast food and haircuts; Niko B’s ability to infuse humour into his music without sacrificing depth is what lends the album its unique perspective.

Personal favourites of the album include “trespass coat,” “I’m just a pretty face,” “it’s not litter if you bin it,” “fourteen days,” and “ur a bundle of joy!” The songs feel authentic and guide the listener through an irreverent yet intimate recollection of personal experiences and environments. His lyrics are imbued with distinctly recognisable British slang and cultural references, such as “Milton Keynes, city of roundabouts,” “I got twos off a blem” and “rob a Tesco in pyjamas.” The charismatic, conversational delivery and the way he crafts vivid, quirky characters lend these tracks their allure.

It’s like twelve degrees in a Trespass coat,
Face ID broke

Can’t get into my mobile phone,
I don’t know the four-digit code

I’m in the pub with a J2O with random blokes
I lied to them, just unprovoked,
say I’m the face of British Vogue

They askin’ me if I really smoke,
I’ll take a toke

Took one pull and I nearly choked,
tears fall on my Prada coat

In the back corner taking note
of everyone that’s taking snow

Call my mum to come take me home
and call the feds on my mobile phone

(Mum, please come get me,
they’re taking drugs, Mum, drugs, ah)
It’s just me and my mic in a booth, look
Play Skate 2 three times,
I jump on a board and I chip my tooth

Two-litre bottle of Volvic,
my guy’s sitting there smoking boof

I’m just boppin’ my head to the music,
I got Pitbull songs on loop

Money-saving tips, but what’s
the point ’cause I’m still not rich

I’m like Money Making Mitch,
if he was broke and five foot six

Pissed, can’t lift a brick
’cause I’m too weak, not strong a bit

I just punched a piece of pasta,
it nearly broke my fist

I’m like Money Making Mitch, if he was broke and five foot six…

Niko B’s self-expressed motivations behind the album are, “I just want people to feel dancey and a bit rebellious when they listen to my music,” and without a doubt this album delivers. Its abundance of relatable lyrics underscored by Niko B’s bouncy, uninhibited energy creates tracks that fulfil the artist’s desire for his fans to “stand on a table…have a bit of fun.”

Not confined to music, Niko B is involved in a variety of creative projects. He has developed his own clothing brand ‘Crowded,’ as well as grown a significant social media following on apps like Instagram and TikTok. His approachable and unserious online presence, together with his regular, frenetic live performances, have contributed to an expanding fan-base.

Niko B © George Muncey
Niko B © George Muncey

Overall, Niko B has successfully crafted an album bursting with entertaining, irreverent dance-tracks whilst managing to reflect his charming, unique perspective on the world.

dog eat dog food world is a strong first album by the twenty-three-year-old, and if you’re on the hunt for an alternative, humorous yet quintessentially British hip-hop album, then look no further.

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dog eat dog food world - Niko B

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