Today’s Song: The Stirring Sentiment of Lewis Watson’s “Meant for Me”

Lewis Watson
Lewis Watson
Lewis Watson showcases his spellbinding talent in a familiar but fresh way with “Meant for Me,” an authentic and relatable song full of intimate intent. 
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There’s an undeniable warmth that can infect every fibre of your existence when you realise the likelihood that if you’re meant to be with someone, you probably will be. Even if you mess up in an almost unfathomably destructive way or continually make seemingly unrecoverable mistakes, the instinctive and heart-warming connection that you have someone often means despite all odds, your relationship will continue and blossom into something even more beautiful and meaningful than you could have ever fathomed.

With “Meant for Me,” Lewis Watson further evidences his unparalleled ability to effortlessly interweave enthrallingly engaging lyricism, rooted in wistfully romantic yet overwhelmingly authentic emotion, with compelling production to perfectly elevate his track’s stirring sentiments. “Meant for Me” simultaneously evidences his evolution as an artist and songwriter, while keeping a firm unrelenting grip on what’s made his previous releases so cherished by his loyal fanbase.

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Lewis Watson first garnered serious attention with the release of his cheekily titled debut EP “It’s Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW” in 2012, which was preceded by uploading covers of songs from the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Bon Iver on YouTube. His subsequent EP entitled “Another Four Sad Songs” provided fans with 3 more stunning original tracks, including the astonishingly affecting “Even If”, alongside a cover of Bombay Bicycle Club’s “Lamplight”.

Your eyes, they are a puzzle
That I try my best to read
I’ll stay up all night to talk it out and break the silence
‘Till I find your missing piece

After 3 EPs and a debut album, in 2017 Lewis Watson’s stunning sophomore album arrived, which saw him saw expand both his sonic and lyrical horizons. With the help of producer Anthony West of Oh Wonder, compellingly captivating production was employed to complement Watson’s gripping lyricism, which saw Watson further venture into the duplicity, bewilderment and rawness of human emotions than ever before. Across the album’s eleven songs, Watson provided a beautifully endearing snapshot of the transformative power of love and how uncompromising affection can spark meaningful changes in a truly transformative manner.

Since the album’s release, Watson’s unrelenting desire to release music hasn’t faded, with a feature on Dodie’s “Not What I Meant” and his own track “christmas eve alone this year” being just two of his many releases. But “Meant for Me” serves as his most prominent release since his sophomore album, and it will hopefully serve as a fundamental part of his highly-anticipated third album.

meant for me - lewis watson
meant for me – lewis watson
Now we’re in the right place
Now we’re in the right time
And I know we’ve made a lot of mistakes
Got a lot of things right
And I know that we’re better
than the choices that we made

But we’ll never get it wrong
’cause it’s meant to be

And you’re meant for me
You’re meant for me
You’re meant for me

The track’s relatively simple yet undeniably heartwarming music video sees Lewis’ singing interspersed with poignant videos of couples displaying beautiful acts of affection. In some ways, “Meant for Me” combines the best aspects that made both his earlier work and his recent album Midnight so adored.

Throughout all of his releases, there is an indisputable emotional immediacy to Lewis Watson’s work that has been utterly captivating. “Meant For Me” feels much more accessible in comparison to his early EPs. Simply, he has retained his early immediacy and intimate authenticity whilst crafting a track that is bewitchingly relatable and easily accessible to all, regardless of what stage of a relationship you’re in.

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Listen: “Meant For Me” – Lewis Watson


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