Today’s Song: “Dream” by Bishop Briggs, When Reality Isn’t Enough

Dream - Bishop Briggs
Often times we dream of the things we wish we were brave enough to do. “Dream” by Bishop Briggs perfectly captures the essence of this feeling.

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Everyone has those dreams. The ones that feel so incredibly real. So real in fact, that when you wake up, for just a minute, the line that lives between dreams and reality is hard to distinguish. Depending on whether or not this was a good dream, the realization that it wasn’t true can either be an incredible relief or an incredible disappointment. In Bishop Briggs’ case with “Dream,” it is a feeling of sadness. She effortlessly captures the essence of longing for a dream to be true.

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The first verse begins with a single acoustic guitar and hymns accompanied by her wispy angelic vocals,

Crying eyes, broken bells
Back in course, no one tells
Down we go, wish me well
I don’t know where we fell

A pulsing beat drops introducing the pre-chorus which contain the lyrics that hold the meaning of the song,

Oh, I had a dream that
you couldn’t hear me screaming
Trying to tell you everything
but it wouldn’t stop you leaving

Her voice then transforms from a wisp to clean, clear and strong for the chorus. The desire in her voice accompanied with the steady pulse of the music brings the lyrics to life,

I wanna wake up where your love is
‘Cause your love is always waking mine
I wanna break down where your heart gets
So torn it’s almost breaking mine
I wanna lay here, lost and bitter
So long, I feel like I could die
I wanna tell you what my truth is
But it’s buried down inside

Her dream is to be able to express her feelings. In her dreams she is able to do this, but sadly, that is not her reality. She is trapped in her own mind with this secret that is weighing her down. Often times we dream of the things we wish we were brave enough to do. Bishop Briggs perfectly captures the essence of this feeling. The bridge enters with the heavy truth of the song,

They say that secrets make you sick and I should know
Just promise me that if I tell you you will go
Oh, oh, oh

The heartbreaking lyrics will tear you down, but somehow the lift of the music allows the song to exude an air of optimism. It lets you believe that maybe one day, she’ll gain the courage to share her feelings. And in that way, you have hope that one day, her dream will become reality.

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Dream - Bishop Briggs

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