Premiere: Sean Christopher Breathes Love to Life in “Oheja”

Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher
Dutch singer/songwriter Sean Christopher unearths the depths of the heart in “Oheja,” an indie folk love song brimming with intimate connection and meaning.
Stream: “Oheja” – Sean Christopher
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How do you share the fullness of your feelings with the love of your life? Moreover, how does anyone convey the magnitude, character, and importance of their love? We each communicate and express emotions differently, especially when it comes to capturing that which matters the most. Dutch singer/songwriter Sean Christopher unearths the depths of the heart in “Oheja,” an indie folk love song brimming with intimate connection and meaning.

Oheja - Sean Christopher
Oheja – Sean Christopher
You sound
Like the beat of a longing heart
You dance
like leaves dance towards the ground
When you walk,
a million roads to Rome roll out

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Sean Christopher’s new single “Oheja,” out November 29 via Dumont Dumont. A Dutch singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Christopher released his debut album Yonder in May of 2018 and more recently relocated from The Hauge to Bristol, England. Much of the artist’s earlier songs (and indeed his album) center around melodic and minimalist work – sometimes through the acoustic guitar, other times with a full rock band-style setup – highlighting his penchant for establishing memorable and moving moods through song.

To that end, “Oheja” delivers a fresh burst of love through its breathtaking, wondrous music.

Christopher’s latest single centers around a single, simple guitar progression that rotates through various chord changes. With a layer of piano adding extra heat underneath, “Oheja” opens with a warm bed of color — off of which Christopher sings in his sweet-as-honey tenor. As this is a love song, he packs affection and care into his performance – manipulating his vocal chords methodically, so as to get as much emotion as he can out of their subtle vibrations. The simple chorus of “oheja, ohh, oheja,” feels like a prayer when sung through Christopher’s lens: He treats every syllable like a delicate and beautiful piece of glass. The result is a tender immersion into Sean Christopher’s school of love:

You sway
Like the breeze on a summer day
You sweep
All of my doubts away
When you talk
A million eyes stare at your mouth

“Oheja is an ode to the one you love,” Christopher tells Atwood Magazine. “It is about that feeling you experience when you connect on deeper levels. An ode to someone who is closer to you than any other person.”

“Oheja” arrives several months after “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)” and “See Me,” two singles that released at the top of 2019. Christopher is currently finishing work on his sophomore album, which is scheduled to release at some point in 2020. If “Oheja” offers any insight into what Sean Christopher has in store for us, then we can all expect a slew of music that will take our breath far and away in the coming new year.

For now, stream “Oheja” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Oheja” – Sean Christopher
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Oheja - Sean Christopher

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