Review: Kali Uchis Flaunts With Style & Grace on Latin Dance Odyssey ‘Orquídeas’

Orquídeas - Kali Uchis
Orquídeas - Kali Uchis
Voyaging into the realm of dance music, Kali Uchis displays unmatched versatility on her fourth full length studio album ‘Orquídeas.’
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Always adventurous, never undaunted, Kali Uchis is starting the new year with a bang.

We are in the midst of a self-proclaimed “new era” for the singer which was promised to consist of two studio albums: one in English and one in Spanish. Uchis’ angelic demeanor was on full display on last year’s Red Moon in Venus, the English half of that promise kicking off an illustrious 2023 for the Colombian-American singer. Now, striking while the iron is hot, Kali Uchis has graced us with the sister album, Orquídeas, a light, dreamy, near seamless blend of R&B, Indie, Latin Pop, and Dance which further amplifies Kali Uchis’ diverse artistry with incredible, Spanish-sung bravado.

Orquídeas - Kali Uchis
Orquídeas – Kali Uchis

Growing up splitting time between the United States and Colombia, Karly Marina Loaiz, AKA Kali Uchis, has always displayed a tremendous assortment of skills. Her breakout 2018 album Isolation saw the artist’s adoration for music on full display and proved she is at home making music with nearly any genre. Elements of R&B, Jazz, Soul, and Hip Hop were delivered aside Uchis’ magnetic vocals to create a colorful and mesmerizing sound.

2021’s sublime Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios), saw Uchis’ artistry elevate further in an effort sung almost exclusively in Spanish. Enveloping herself in her roots, Uchis delivered fresh takes on Latin Pop classics such as Bolero and Reggaetón. Radio singles like “Telepatía” garnered viral popularity with her fun, airy qualities, bringing Uchis’ name to further stardom. 2023 was Uchis’ biggest year to date with the release of the acclaimed Red Moon in Venus, the artist’s most atmospheric project to date. The release was met with widespread critical and commercial success, giving Uchis her first Top 5 Billboard charted release.

Kali Uchis © COUGHS
Kali Uchis © COUGHS

Staying true to her trademark sound, Orquídeas (released January 12, 2024 through Geffen Records) delivers every great Kali Uchis-ism and then some. Marketed on the singer’s Instagram as “Mi segundo álbum de español”, the pop star sticks to her promise with a wide scope of Latin Pop bangers.

The opening track “¿Como Asi?” finds Uchis enveloping herself in the mesmerizing sounds of dance music. Hazy chords meet crisp, catchy drums and dreamy vocals in an aesthetic nothing short of hypnotic. Some energy kicks up on “Igual Que Un Ángel,” a Disco-centric track that has an ambience only Kali Uchis can pull off. Perhaps the biggest standout of the project, “Pensamientos Intrusivos” (“Intrusive Thoughts”) finds the singer dropping yet another catchy, unassuming breakup song which will be sure to stick in your ears throughout the year.

The incredibly evocative “Te Mata” finds Uchis interpolating a traditional Latin ballad, her vocals shifting to a lower register to garner a passionate, bone chilling performance. Strummed guitar, Latin percussion, and glimmering piano swirl together into a massive, fiery display of sound which bleeds pure heartbreak. The sound shifts to include shimmering hi-hats and heavy bass on the beautiful “Young Rich & In Love,” an icy ballad which sounds like watching two lovers dancing in slow motion. The lovely “Tu Corazon es Mio,” a tribute to Y2K era Bachata, delivers another palette swap in sound; Uchis’ dark vocal delivery is nothing short of sultry.

As if love songs weren’t enough, Uchis steps on the gas with “Muñekita” which signals a deviation into a series of tough, hard hitting Reggaeton bangers. A gruff feature from Puerto Rican rapper El Alfa fits like a glove over the booty shaking bass and slick, Timbaland-esque guitar samples. The series of half-time detours are, frankly, sexy as hell, the swagged out Uchis’ suggestive refrain “and I’ll walk you like a dog (woof, woof), bound to buckle weakened knees.”

The grinding “Labios Mordidos” keeps the club vibes rolling before a much needed cooldown in “Heladito” (aptly translated to English as “Frozen”). Ending in a bold fashion,the closing track “Dame Beso // Muévete” is a two part, uproaring Club Salsa cut whose blaring brass band and double time speed up send the listener off in brave, uplifted mood; try your best not to move to this one.

Kali Uchis © COUGHS
Kali Uchis © COUGHS

Kali Uchis is at the top of her game.

Each subsequent release shows the artist further ingraining herself in her cultural roots as she inch closer to pop superstardom. As of this week, Orquídeas sits at #1 on the Billboard chart, the highest rating for a Kali Uchis release, an incredible feat which leaves us asking one question: Is there anything Kali Uchis can’t do?

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Orquídeas - Kali Uchis

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