Anthem for Introverts: Pip the Pansy Plays with Individualism in “All My Friends Are Animals”

Pip the Pansy © Erin Burchfield
Pip the Pansy © Erin Burchfield

Today’s music scene is no stranger to girl-power bubblegum pink pop, but still, it seems some of the artists that make the most progressive moves in the genre live underground on lesser-traveled Soundcloud pages. Pip The Pansy is a name you may not know, but very well may soon due to her fresh approach at the ever beloved uplifting sound.

We’re leaving the party now
Can you show us out?
The sky looks cooler
We’re sitting on the roof
So when you raise the roof
We’ll be that much higher
“All My Friends Are Animals” – Pip the Pansy
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Atwood Magazine is proud to premiere “All My Friends Are Animals,” Pip the Pansy’s latest single from her pending EP Royal Blue Daydream. The song is fueled by pure pop energy, sonically bright and synthetically heavy.

Formerly known as Wrenn, Pansy’s initial sound was a bit darker and controlled. Comparatively, the new release acts as an explosion of personality and positivity, quickly pinning Pansy as a fun and well-versed persona in a pop world sometimes lacking diversity.

Royal Blue Daydream - Pip the Pansy
Royal Blue Daydream – Pip the Pansy
We’ve taken to the stars
For a night that’s ours
Under skies of glitter
We’ve got our heads in clouds
So when you see the clouds
Baby don’t be bitter

Pansy is the definition of a free spirit. It’s seen in her Instagram’s easy going aesthetic. It’s heard in her controlled, yet equally wild vocals. “All My Friends Are Animals” feels like a fitting declaration of individualism from what the world has seen in her online presence. The song’s message speaks of embracing one’s inner “animal,” or unique traits, and owning them to their full exposure. Unlike many common bubblegum party anthems, Pansy plays on the idea of being an introvert in lyrics like “We’re leaving the party now, can you show us out, the sky looks cooler.”

The song is the musical equivalent of throwing confetti and all cares of judgement and uncomfortable interpersonal interaction to the wind. It’s a declaration of independence and confidence, a true uplifting pop picture, designed perfectly with catchy synthetic production and relatable lyrics that are sure to lurk in the brain of every listener.

Pip the Pansy © Jordana Dale
Pip the Pansy © Jordana Dale

Sonically, the piece is impressive in its composure, bordering on basic in a way that allows the raw demeanor of the song to shine with pure passion and joy. Pansy’s voice holds a genuine passion, implying that the song’s message holds true in her own life.

What makes the single so alluring is Pansy’s decision to challenge the conventional pop anthem. There is most definitely a movement toward individuality and the idea of living a totally free, socially-impressive life, but most of these hype pieces sound scripted as if the message is what the writer thinks the world needed to hear. Instead of writing about the party, Pip the Pansy has written about leaving one. Instead of writing about the perfect night, she has written about the one that might have been a little strange, but holds the best memories because there wasn’t a fake moment. It’s a true sincerity in a genre may times known for extravagant facades. Still, Pansy has put the party in the song, holding true to what all pop fans love about the genre. She’s advanced the stereotype to a place of honest representation, and in doing so, has lived up to the message of the song: embracing your own characteristics and ideas is the best thing to do.

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Royal Blue Daydream - Pip the Pansy

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photo © Erin Burchfield

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