Today’s Song: Quelle Rox’s “Dream Daisies” is a Dreamy Daze for Our Summer Days

“Dream Daisies” finds Quelle Rox in an illusory haze of roses, butterflies, and wine, typifying lush, sunny-day feelings that keep us sane and keep us kind.

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Summer days often bring about feelings of warm nostalgia, laced with flowery fantasies and a desire for love. One just feels intrinsically different during the warmer months, consuming us in the best ways possible. Imbibing in sunshine and relentless daydreams, one can feel holistic peace not elsewhere found. “Dream Daisies,” the latest single from NYC-based Quelle Rox, expresses these sentiments tenfold.

Listen: “Dream Daisies” – Quelle Rox

“Dream Daisies,” released May 29, finds Quelle Rox in an illusory haze of roses, butterflies, and wine, typifying lush, sunny-day feelings that keep us sane and keep us kind. Reflecting on precious memories of days past, she utilizes her melodic vocal tone to incite a ubiquitous nostalgia within us all.

Roses and butterflies
They pass by
Memories of time
All in my mind, hold
Dream Daisies - Quelle Rox
Dream Daisies – Quelle Rox

Through her nostalgic narration, Quelle Rox illustrates passed time through rose-colored glasses, igniting sentimental reverie that feels tacitly present. Laced with profuse dream pop instrumentation and overlaid by Quelle Rox’s magnetic vocals, “Dream Daisies” is intoxicating, taking us to a remarkably quixotic plane of emotion.

Hold on till I turn blue
Till the day that I see you
Runnin round when skies were blue
Sunny days got me dreamin too

Wistfully, Quelle Rox idealizes a perfect day with her beloved, warmly reflecting on moments that mean the most. In her sirenic lilt, one can feel the emotive compassion she feels, as she curates a unique kaleidoscope of tender fondness and lucid enchantment.

With the daze, with the daze, with the daisies
Dreamin, Dreamin
In your base, in your base, in your basement
Dreamin, Dreamin
In a haze, in a haze, in a haze
Dreamin, Dreamin
With my babe, with my babe, with my baby
Dreamin, Dreamin
Quelle Rox © 2018
Quelle Rox © 2018

“A good word to capture the tone of this track is the Portuguese word ‘Saudade,’” Quelle Rox explains about the track. “There is no direct English translation, it refers to this melancholic nostalgia, but I don’t want to do the word injustice by a shitty translation. That said, it’s a beautiful word that captures the theme underlying ‘Dream Daisies.’”

And roses and butterflies sippin my wine
My favorite time
And roses sweet lullabies by the poolside
Memories of time

“Dream Daisies” wholly denotes those genial, incessant nostalgic sentiments that one often feels when everything inside you and around you feels aglow, trekking through love with palpable warmth and open arms. Quelle Rox has successfully crafted a song worthy of all our summer nostalgia, floating seamlessly through a narrative that feels spiritedly translucent. “Dream Daisies” is a truly dreamy daze for all our summer days.

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Dream Daisies - Quelle Rox

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