Premiere: Basking in Glenn Echo’s Sultry Debut, “Bedsheets”

Glenn Echo © Lina Bilik
Glenn Echo © Lina Bilik
Glenn Echo’s soulfully sweet debut single “Bedsheets” captures the beauty of daybreak, when you wake up to the love of your life.
For fans of Wilco, Derek and the Dominos, Corey Kilgannon

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You wear those sheets so well…

There’s nothing quite like waking up with the one you love: Of opening your eyes at first light, rolling over, and wishing a good morning to the most important person in your world… of wrapping yourselves in one another’s dreamy glow. Glenn Echo’s soulfully sweet debut single “Bedsheets” captures the beauty of daybreak, when you wake up to the love of your life and revel in togetherness’ warm embrace.

Honey let’s call in sick
and stay in our bed
at least until 10.
And when we finally get up
I think I’ll wear nothing but my socks.
Listen: “Bedsheets” – Glenn Echo
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Bedsheets,” the debut single from Nashville’s Glenn Echo. The music project of Northeast native Matt Gaydar and featuring Jeremy Rosen (backing vox), Peter Brownlee (piano, production), Brennan Dugan (upright bass), Sam Walker (drums) Chris Rymes (trumpet), and Braxton Nicholas (tenor saxophone), Glenn Echo perfectly blend soulful, bluesy rock with Nashville’s southern grit and a singer/songwriter sincerity. Their music is highly reminiscent of early Eric Clapton and The Band, with Gaydar’s guitar work – especially his solos – bringing us back to the bosom of the forever classic Derek and the Dominos.

Bedsheets - Glenn Echo
Bedsheets – Glenn Echo

There’s something timeless about sultry blues rock. It ages like a fine wine, only getting better as the years go by. Glenn Echo’s vivid imagery certainly helps their debut pop; we’re forced into our own fantasies as Gaydar weaves us through a smooth, lovin’ tale:

You wear those sheets so well
I’d have to be mad
to stay where I stand
and not drop every little thing I have
to wrap you tight up in my loving arms.

“This song is an ode to early morning, a flicker-flame awakening,” Glenn Echo’s Matt Gaydar tells Atwood Magazine. “In the beginning hours, when the mind is not yet fully awake, the heart, fruit, red passion, fuels the decision-making. You’re making breakfast, I haven’t slept late, but later than usual. What is this feeling? It’s when I’d rather be tethered to this bed and to you than carry on the day to day. What if the day could be just this moment of overwhelming warmth and love?

This song is for mornings where we are lazy, naked, and alive.”

Glenn Echo © Lena Bilik
Glenn Echo © Lena Bilik
We puzzle piece
Your breath leads me
When we move so smoothly
Hear the birds sing

This song is for mornings where we are lazy, naked, and alive.

Nothing compares to waking up with the one you love – not even Folgers in your cup. You’ve just phased out of your dreamworld, and you’re hit with the most amazing feeling imaginable – love! You don’t feel the need to go anywhere, or to do anything; you’re right where you want to be, now and always – forever after. “Bedsheets” is an ode to this magical feeling, a testament to the power of such a vivid awakening.

Mixing the heat of life with heartfelt sound, Glenn Echo is a fiery newcomer you don’t want to miss. Their stellar debut makes them a promising Atwood artist to watch, and we cannot wait to hear what the band’s got in store for us as they continue to introduce themselves throughout the year. Stream debut single “Bedsheets” now, and maybe take a cue from Glenn Echo – take a day off, and spend your life with the one you love.

Tomorrow I’ll be no good
I’ll be half awake,
daydream of today.
Seems like there’s just one option
tomorrow we can call in sick again.
I just can’t get enough of your loving.

— — — —

Bedsheets - Glenn Echo

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? © Lena Bilik
artwork by Matt Gaydar

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