Today’s Song: New York City’s Rebounder Return with a Fresh Wave of Buzz and a New EP via “Sunset Vision”

Rebounder "Sunset Vision" © Phoenix Johnson
Rebounder "Sunset Vision" © Phoenix Johnson
The first single off Rebounder’s second studio EP ‘Sundress Songs’ inflects the Dylan Chenfeld-led group’s sunny sound with some surf rock energy, and speaks of bigger things to come for the energetic quartet.
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Nailing down the “song of the summer” is a tricky act, one that’s nearly impossible – you can’t please everybody, after all.

And yet, New York indie rock quartet Rebounder, a much-hyped group with a distinctly tasteful, fashionable background, are serving up their best effort with the aptly named “Sunset Vision.”

The track came about quickly for lead singer Dylan Chenfeld and company, who’ve also stayed busy in the interim – the band’s cover of “In The New Year” by legendary NYC rockers The Walkmen comes to mind as a surefire crowd pleaser and a new spin on an old favorite.

But what about their newest single, part of an upcoming August EP?

“’Sunset Vision’ came from a bass line and a drumbeat – instantly, we were really excited about the groove,” says Chenfeld. The beat was exciting, it felt like finding a new shirt at the store, not the shirt for who you are today, but for who you wanna be.”

That nod to fashion sense is a fitting one, as the fashionable group hits on the trends of today with a sensibility akin to, say, Vampire Weekend with a more laidback, fresh edge.

Sunset Vision - Rebounder
Sunset Vision – Rebounder

As to the track itself, Chenfeld notes the process was a speedy and organic one, aided by a few crucial influences.

“The lyrics came pretty quickly after that,” and it was one of the more effortless songs we’ve written together,” Chenfeld says. “At the time of writing, we were really into the new Jungle and Lewis Ofman records and wanted to make a sunny song for the summer that you could sing along to. Maybe we did?”

The track is a crisp, pleasing earworm of a summer song, and that bass line and drumbeat take center stage in a seriously toe-tapping manner. Black-and-white scenes of a New York spring and summer in the accompanying YouTube video give the track an air of hazy nostalgia, perhaps for summers in the Big Apple of years gone by.



The track is joined as a single release by fall 2023 groover “Where Are You Later On, Forever?” which was among a cadre of crowd-pleasing songs the group played to a packed house at Brooklyn rock club Baby’s All Right earlier this year.

That show was among more than 60 the band has played over the past year, and one imagines future New York City (and nationwide) shows are hot on its heels.

If crowd fervor is any indication, Rebounder continue to ride the wave – and live up to the hype – as the next great NYC music export, with opening gigs for the likes of modern indie legends only adding fuel to the (hype) fire.

And lead single “Japanese Posters,” a mysterious release that hit airwaves in the late 2010s, continues to pick up steam, passing 23 million streams and netting the quartet attention from the likes of J. Crew.

Rebounder "Sunset Vision" © Phoenix Johnson
Rebounder “Sunset Vision” © Phoenix Johnson

It’s not all about hype, of course, but considering the fact that modern NYC rock legends Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Strokes have played New York Fashion Week parties in recent years, well, it can certainly be taken as a good sign (and good company, no less).

As to the forthcoming EP, the group largely self-produced it, yet worked with friends like The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford, as well as CT of Vampire Weekend.

The band notes their influences on the EP touch on everything from surf rock to funk to Northern soul, with a healthy dose of its primary muse (2000s indie pop) along for the ride, as well.

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Stream: “Sunset Vision” – Rebounder

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Sunset Vision - Rebounder

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