Atwood Magazine’s Thanksgiving Playlist: Warmth, Love, and Gratitude

Atwood Magazine Thanksgiving
Atwood Magazine Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for warmth and love, community and togetherness, recognition and gratitude. To celebrate the true spirit of this special holiday, we’ve created this special Thanksgiving playlist, and members of our staff have shared what they are thankful for this year. From our family to yours, Atwood Magazine wishes everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving 2018.

With love, Atwood Magazine

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I’m thankful for my move to Seattle and for all of the new friends I have made and for them showing me around the state. I also am thankful for my mother’s improving health and hope it will continue into the new year. – Adrian Vargas
I’m thankful for Ariana Grande, for giving the world a masterclass in how to overcome trauma and pain in an honest, heartfelt, and beautiful way and by showing everyone that it’s okay to take your time to get better, look inwards, and drown out the outside world and the haters. With Sweetener she also proved just how powerful reinvention and confidence are, and with “thank u, next” she’s teaching us all how to find silver linings and grow from every experience. Not to mention that while doing all this, she’s helping women in pop and in music in general advance. And her music is great and she introduced us all to the legend that is Piggy Smallz. – Nicole Almeida
I’m thankful that the music industry today is full of artists who use their platform to advocate for positive change. I’m also thankful for a year full of new experiences and that my friends and family are all happy and healthy. – Ethan Germann
I’m incredibly thankful for comedy. Even though I’m still relatively new, this is the first year I’ve started doing shows as opposed to open mics, and I’ve found a good community in my local comedy scene. Regardless of what type of day I’m having, comedy has given me some peace of mind, and it’s given me a way to talk about music like I’ve never before. I’m also continually thankful for The Wonder Years, who I saw three times this year. Sister Cities is their crowning achievement, but it’s reflected so many other things I’ve been thankful for like community, perseverance, or my lovely girlfriend. Plus, seeing that they could still goof off and do a Halloween show where they do a Queen cover set in costume makes me so grateful that they’ll probably be a band I can continue to count on. – Jimmy Crowley
I’m thankful for Boygenius (who isn’t?). Individually Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker hold their own distinctive power, but together they’re like a formidable girl gang or group of close friends there to take on the world when life gets annoying. On the surface they seem intimidatingly cool but their music is gentle, emotive, and sweetly sad and therefore easy to be a part of. Also, their project is natural – just three friends having fun – and collaborative fun is something we should all be thankful for. – Francesca Rose 
I’m thankful for my loving fiancée, who inspires me on a daily basis: You are the love of my life. I’m grateful for my family and friends, who have lit my way through dark times, supported my endeavors, and helped me become the man I am today. For music and musicians, for continuously enchanting me. For my work and Atwood communities, I am humbled: I am always learning, and forever growing. Thank you to the musicians who have made room in their busy lives to speak with me, and to labels and publicists for giving me the time of day. To you, who’s reading this: Thank you for being a part of Atwood Magazine’s world. And of course, thank you to everyone for allowing me to be my super corny self. I’m looking forward to a year full of laughs and love, songs and spirits. – Mitch Mosk


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