Today’s Song: Unraveling Holly Humberstone’s Deeply Honest “Dive”

Holly Humberstone © Charlotte Alex
Holly Humberstone © Charlotte Alex
Holly Humberstone brings her melodically catchy and deeply honest “Dive” off the cutting room floor in her latest EP, ‘work in progress.’
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Stream: “Dive” – Holly Humberstone

Usually, we know when we’re in a good place. This can be mentally, physically, spiritually or all together and more. We know when we’re ready to take on new things and we know when we don’t have the space for it. Unfortunately, love doesn’t always care about our headspace when creeping its way into our lives. In fact, it usually comes at precisely the wrong time. Usually, it comes when you’re not ready for it.

Holly Humberstone experiences this with melodically gorgeous “Dive,” written in 2022 with Rob Milton and singer/songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich. In her words, “I wrote it a few years ago as a kind of warning to a guy to not get involved with me. I was worried I’d hurt him. Whenever I think about the highs and lows of past and present relationships, it reminds me that life will always be evolving and changing in ways that I can’t predict, and I think that’s ok!”

work in progress - Holly Humberstone
work in progress – Holly Humberstone

The song begins in true Humberstone form, her delicate vocals and acoustic guitar singing the most perfect first lyrics to capture this song,

Honey, I’m spiraling
The web that I’m tangled in
just isn’t built for two

So before I let you in
Tread lightly, just tread lightly

It picks up for the chorus as Humberstone’s vocals transform into a melody that is impossible to not sing along to,

‘Cause it’s not like in the movies,
you come over, try to fix me

So you thought this might be easy
Got me wedged and falling back
So I’m told I killed the mood,
I only darken every room I’m in

If you can’t face the fact, go ahead
And baby, dive in
Baby, dive
Oh, baby, dive in
Baby, dive

The second verse gets as real and relatable as any song could. When you’re in a rut and all you want is your comfort show and to not be bothered; this isn’t an easy thing to admit, but Humberstone does it with full force by including a sound bite from Bravo show, The Real Housewives.

I ruin everything
So I’ll give you a fair warning, so you’ve got time to run, and
If you’re not down, that’s cool, don’t waste my time
‘Cause I’d rather watch Real Housewives
You’re such a **** liar, Camille!

The chorus runs again before the bridge which is the most vulnerable part of the song. While she is worried about hurting him, the real fear is that she doesn’t want to be hurt again, and she knows the closer they get, the more it will hurt if it doesn’t work.

And I want this to work
Babe, I’m the worst
Don’t get your hopes up
‘Cause I think we’re cursed if I pull you closer
And you’re sure well-rehearsed
You’re saying all the right things
I guess it works for the moment
But I think we’re cursed if I pull you closer

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:: OUR TAKE ::

“Dive” is just one song off of Humberstone’s recently-released four-track EP, work in progress.

“Every song starts as a work in progress,” she explains. “Some stay as demos and ideas, others find new life with more production. But these songs were demos I couldn’t leave behind. I went back through the archives and discovered these lost older versions of myself mixed up with the present version of me.”

“I wanted to release them this year – as I start touring again and since the release of my debut album – as a work in progress for my fans. I’m very much a work in progress, and I think this body of work feels impulsive and more like a stream of consciousness to me.”

work in progress is out now, and features “Dive” together with new songs “Down Swinging,” Easy Tiger,” and “Work in Progress.”

Holly Humberstone’s headline North American tour kicks off on May 5th in Nashville, and will see her playing seventeen dates around the US and Canada, concluding in Vancouver, BC at the end of May. Find tickets and more information at!

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Stream: “Dive” – Holly Humberstone

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work in progress - Holly Humberstone

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