Today’s Song: Delicate Ruminations on Harsh Realities with’s “Fix Me”

With its acoustic-only approach, “Fix Me” is a telling of personal hurt, and shares this story in an alluring, wistful manner.
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Just because you want someone in your life, it doesn’t mean they should stay. Through time with himself, came to this conclusion – a painful realization but one he has channeled to make beauty in the form of “Fix Me.” This latest single aches with anguish, but within it lies one of’s most personal stories to date, and it’s with that level of personal storytelling that listeners can’t help but admire the artist for not just his talent, but his openness.

Fix Me –
You can’t heal my wounds
When you’re the reason I’m still blue
You can’t be my guide
When you’re the reason I’m still blind

The song begins the same way it ends: simple plucks and strums of an acoustic guitar accompanied by gentle croons. No major key changes, no drastic onrushes of sound, and no boisterous singing. It’s a story of hurt, and opted for no bells nor whistles when telling it. This approach is what drives this song and makes it such a standout. The listener hears every thought being processed in real-time, and with it every vocal shake and cadence from’s tender incantations. And it’s these moments that truly make the song shine.

You can’t be my northern star
When you’re the reason home seems so far
You can’t be my friend
When all I want is you in the end

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” he repeats, each time the statement becoming heavier and heavier. As he tells his story, the inflections in his voice give life into an otherwise somber experience, showing beauty can still be found in the ugliest of situations. The control on his singing is absolutely superb, every note hit and lyric sung done with utter perfection. These vocal flairs are a delight, and even though the forlorn subject hits hard, his presentation of it makes it hard not to want to stay for more. The occasional strum of the guitar accents the parting words in a stunning fashion, proving one doesn’t need a whole orchestra to make a symphony.

You can’t be my northern star
When you’re the reason home seems so far
You can’t fix

This bare approach on “Fix Me” showcases the level of artistry possesses, and it’s one that listeners would be hard-pressed not to be enthralled by. The song is a delicate window into the artist’s life, and it’s this window that many might find themselves wanting to spend most of their days. It’s no happy song, but the truth attached to “Fix Me” adds a level of warmth to each listen, making for an experience that cannot be rivaled.

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Listen: “Fix Me” –

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