Today’s Song: QTY Find Solace in Friendship in “Rodeo”

QTY © 2016
QTY © 2016

In the era of synth-filled, auto-tuned, electronically produced music, sometimes we find ourselves missing the familiar sounds of real instruments – the beat of a drum, the metallic and full sound of a guitar. And that’s what QTY is here to bring back. In their Bernard Butler-produced debut single, “Rodeo,” the New York-based duo revives old school rock and sings about having each other and going through tough times, creating an all-around heartwarming and addicting piece you won’t be able to stop listening to.

Every rodeo comes to an end, it’s the inevitable, there are bandages
On every Road a gas station, it’s the distance between them, that’s miles per gallon
Well how far from where I’ve been, and how long until its comfortable

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Rodeo - QTY
Rodeo – QTY

The first verse shows singer Dan Lardner as someone who is lost in a journey. He plays around with metaphors, referencing a “rodeo com[ing] to an end” – which may be representative of anything in his life that has recently ended – and the road he is on towards what’s “comfortable” and familiar. He talks about the struggle that arises from being on this path: there are “gas stations” along the way which give him motivation to continue on his journey, but the distance between these stations is what really presents him with a challenge. He taps into everyone’s feelings by speaking about a moment in his life where he was struggling, feeling lost, but knew he had to go on – something which everyone has gone through at least once in life.

A rough patch isn’t even that, I’m with my person my very own person
My dark thoughts turn to bar talk, I’m with my person my very own person

The chorus is where he talks about Alex Niemetz, the other half of QTY, and where she joins him, both in the path and song. Alex and Dan sing the chorus together, representing their unity and making it clear that the “person” he refers to is her. Her voice comes as a soothing support to his own, just as she comes as a support to him. She is “[his] very own person”, understands him like no one else, and comforts him.

Pocket change on the tarmac, an imprint of me walking the length of my footsteps
I grew up I was liked less, I had a drink I had another I got over it
Well how far from where I’ve been, and how long until its comfortable

The second verse returns to Dan’s journey, and becomes slightly darker than the first one. It implies that he isn’t going very far – “walking the length of [his] footsteps” – or at least that he feels that way, talks about his frustrations growing up and being less liked, and then refers to drinking as a way in which Dan copes with it all. The first line of the verse is almost shouted, indicating an increase in his frustration and stress on the path he’s in. He then again seeks the “comfortable” place, the return to what he knows as familiar.

That’s someone you can count on, someone you can trust in, who takes you at your worst and they never care how often
QTY © 2016
QTY © 2016

Dan finds the comfort he seeks in the chorus, where Alex returns and supports him. This support is even more highlighted when the chorus is extended and Dan elaborates what being his “person” is, and exactly how Alex supports him: “takes [him] at [his] worst and [she] never care[s] how often”. He trusts her and counts on her, The extended chorus is a direct response to the darker and slightly more intense previous verse – she is with him for longer and thus provides him with an extra amount of support when he is particularly frustrated.

Well first there was bewilderment, followed by a second guess, a trinity of tourist traps, looking for a monument, that’s five dollars at the door, saw hexagrams heard curse words, then seven hours sleeping towards an eight hour day at work 

The bridge then presents us with a confusing list of what seems like Dan’s routine sprinkled with some unusual and slightly odd instances. Alex joins in at certain points, re-assuring Dan that he can get through this madness because she is right beside him too.

QTY introduce themselves to the world with a song about friendship, trust, and insecurities. The honest and intriguing lyrics, coupled with guitar riffs and a steady drum beat establish QTY’s identity as a friendly, talented, simultaneously familiar and new band, and one we definitely want to hear more from.

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Rodeo - QTY
Rodeo – QTY
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