“Bold, Quirky, & Dark”: RVRSIDE Channel the Spirit of the ’90s in ‘Bullet with Butterfly Clips’ EP

Dark and dynamic, RVRSIDE’s ‘Bullet with Butterfly Clips’ EP is an impassioned outpouring of familiar and new alt-rock ready to light up our airwaves all summer long.
“Welcome to Paradise” (Green Day cover) – RVRSIDE

Dark and dynamic, RVRSIDE’s sophomore EP is an impassioned outpouring of familiar and new alt-rock ready to light up our airwaves all summer long. Channeling the spirit of the ’90s, the band’s Bullet with Butterfly Clips EP mixes unapologetic originals with bold covers of Taylor Dayne, Ace of Base, and Green Day song – all of which swell and churn together in a mesmerizing pool of pop/rock bliss with a modern twist.

Bullet with Butterfly Clips - RVRSIDE
Bullet with Butterfly Clips – RVRSIDE

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Bullet with Butterfly Clips, out everywhere May 21, 2021 via Head Bitch Music. RVRSIDE’s sophomore EP arrives two years after their debut Sad Sick World introduced the trio’s intimate and impassioned full-throttle aesthetic. The LA-based trio of songwriter and vocalist Jessica Vaughn, songwriter and producer Curtis Peoples, and producer Colin creeV, RVRSIDE’s members bonded over a love for “grunge, pop, and dirty synths” – all of which come to life in their music.

Fervent and feverish, Bullet with Butterfly Clips captures in its short run everything you’d want to know about RVRSIDE at this time: Their influences, their penchant for the catchy and cathartic, and more.

“As a band and individuals we are all obsessed with singles, but as we continued to work together and grow our catalog, we finally felt like we had a body of work that could live on the same record,” frontwoman Jessica Vaughn tells Atwood Magazine. “I think these songs really sum up who we are as creators and as a team.”


Vaughn considers their new EP bold, quirky, and dark – and the words fit the music perfectly.

“Initially we were just experimenting as friends and creating music we like to listen to. After a few releases we had a better understanding of what our audience was gravitating towards and headed confidently in that direction. Just call us a bunch of sellouts.” She laughs. “We feel like our music lives somewhere between Smashing Pumpkins and Claire’s Etc so this title perfectly summed that up….We wanted to signal our ’90s leaning alternative edge but keep things loose and not too serious. As a band, we all have a healthy sense of humor… it just leans dark.”

While their covers (especially of Taylor Dayne’s “Tell it To My Heart”) offer fun, edgy and polished trips down memory lane, it’s with their originals that RVRSIDE make their mark. Vaughn calls the thrilling “New Age” a “dystopian anthem”; elsewhere, opener “Love Me Like The End Of The World” ebbs and flows with haunting, ominous charm, and “Twisted” is true to its name in the best of ways.

Experience the full record via our exclusive stream, and peek inside RVRSIDE’s Bullet with Butterfly Clips EP with Atwood Magazine as the band goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of their new record!

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Stream: ‘Bullet with Butterfly Clips’ – RVRSIDE
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:: Inside Bullet with Butterfly Clips ::

Bullet with Butterfly Clips - RVRSIDE

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“Love Me Like The End of The World”

We were listening to a lot of Portishead at the time – can you tell? It’s the perfect love song for the apocalypse and we might be halfway through this plague, but hey… the world could still end, so say what you really mean before it does. We referenced Radiohead in their Kid A period for our track and vibe inspiration. We told you we really like the 90s.

“Tell It To My Heart”

This is such an iconic dance song and we knew we wanted to make it our own without losing its original magic. We’re not going to lie, we bop this quite frequently. We wanted to make it feel synth pop but with more of the darker sound of new alternative music. We looked to Meg Myers & CHRVCHES for sonic inspiration, but ultimately took the song to a darker place than they would have gone.


We wanted to create a song that explores obsession with someone bad for you. Exploring the darkest corners of yourself and exploiting that in someone else. We wanted it to feel hypnotic and, well, twisted. We tried to throw in some catchy melodies to lighten the mood. We asked ourselves “what would BANKS do?”.

“Beautiful Life”

As a band we are all obsessed with the 90s, so it only makes sense that we would explore ’90s covers. We loved reimagining this track as a sinister alternative pop anthem and we think the beauty truly comes through the darkness that we explored. Turning the euro dance vibe of the Ace of Base original into a more drum stomp swagger allowed the lyric to take on new meaning we felt like.

“New Age”

We wanted to create our own dystopian anthem. Like what would the Monkees sound like if they were a little bit Ting Tings, a little bit Blondie, and a touch of K. Flay. Is punk rock disco a thing? We think it should be and happy to lead the charge.

“Welcome To Paradise”

We are all Green Day fans. We wanted to keep the spirit of a broken world, but make it seem like a place you’d like to go, no matter how dangerous it may actually be. We wanted to stay true to the lyrical vibe on this, even though we were changing up the feel. Turning it into more of a dark pop anthem just felt right.

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Bullet with Butterfly Clips - RVRSIDE

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