Premiere: The Intimate Weight of LANSKI’s Sweet & Somber “Vows”

LANSKI © Jake Courtois
LANSKI © Jake Courtois
LANSKI’s poignant, heavy electro-pop song “Vows” glows with the bittersweet, intimate weight of marriage, connection, and transformation.

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Marriage is beautiful – a celebration of love and connection, for sure. Yet alongside the buoyant festivities of wedding planning and preparation, there lies a subtle somber element of change and transformation. Getting married is the perhaps the second-most impactful comeuppance for every being next to having a child. It marks the end of an era; the closure of childhood, the full relinquishing of oneness in exchange for being a part of a pair. When we marry, we accept this change willingly; nevertheless, there is something to be said for reflecting on the importance and impact of such a moment, and appreciating its ramifications. LANSKI’s poignant, heavy electro-pop song “Vows” glows with the bittersweet, intimate weight of marriage, connection, and transformation.

Through all the layers
Lurid star
Gold plated stairs
To a broken heart
Took me to bed
Kept one foot on the floor
It was such a fine affair
You won’t let me out
You won’t let me out
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Vows,” the latest single off LANSKI’s upcoming debut album, Next-Generation Romantic (out late 2018). The Brooklyn-based duo of Eric Ronick and Josh Rosenblatt, LANSKI’s brand of electropop is refreshing and subtle: The band lay a warm bed comprised of shimmering keyboards and pulsing drums in “Vows,” upon which Ronick croons an evocative and passionate cry.

Next-Generation Romantic - LANSKI
Next-Generation Romantic – LANSKI

LANSKI themselves describe vows as “a song of passionate love and infinite resignation; of landmines dodged and traps tumbled into,” – a song that comes out of darkness, and into light. Reading the band’s provocative lyrics, one wonders about infidelity and forgiveness; about commitment and full submission.

In this case, resignation is relished and welcomed; the two individuals have fully surrendered themselves to their partners as they prepare for their new reality. Written as both were preparing for their respective weddings, “Vows” maintains an incredible personal weight that is felt as much in LANKSI’s lyrics, as in Ronick’s memorable performance.

So you love me
and you want my name
then the moon must be to blame
LANSKI © Jake Courtois
LANSKI © Jake Courtois

LANSKI explain that they wrote “Vows” as a way to try and come to grips with their “frightening new reality.” The song ushers in a new time for these men as they embrace their loves with all their might, as if letting go for just a second might make it all disappear… that they might otherwise wake up from this beautiful dream.

Wrapped up in snares
I heard your song
Clung to the rocks and the rushes that I dashed upon
So I took to my bed
A pounding inside my head
Swore to something
I won’t let her down
I won’t let her down

Some are sure to hear “Vows” and find it full of fear of marriage, but to look at it another way, LANSKI are simply trying to find closure on an entire epoch of their lives. Marriage is an end and a beginning, and it deserves to be acknowledged as such. As they step bravely into a second skin, LANSKI deliver for themselves a tribute; a sendoff before entering the marital void, and coming out anew. Poignant and touching, “Vows” is mental and emotional preparation of the highest order.

To add to the magic, LANSKI wrote a poem that further explains their song’s meaning:

Lavender and pink chiffon
Cadillacs and perignon
Pretty little lie agreed upon
So I guess I’ll take the plunge

We’ll let you wrestle with the dichotomy this poetry creates. Stream LANSKI’s “Vows” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Next-Generation Romantic - LANSKI

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