Today’s Song: The Fight for Freedom in Washington’s “Saint Lo”

Washington © 2016
Washington © 2016

Australia’s Megan Washington has broken her silence to release a flawless, long awaited single. Since the success of her last album There There (2014), Washington has reached new heights by exploring some of the deepest depths of human emotion. The powerfully overbearing emotions associated with love, death and sex have been given top shelf attention.

Saint Lo” can be described as a hypnotic hymn that relinquishes any sense of purpose, except for desire conflicted with purity. Washington’s dark, husky voice immediately grasps the tender parts of your conscious to a point of no return. In an interview with Triple J, Washington revealed that she “…wanted the song to feel like flying and falling at the same time… [it’s the] idea that when we give love we’re inherently accepting future tragedy because nothing lasts…” The exquisite manipulation of lyrics depicts a situation filled with upheaval and heartache.

But I do a deal with the devil
to get on your spirit level
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Washington’s new explorative avenues have also been accentuated by her change of creative direction. The sonic landscapes have been significantly influenced rhythmically and lyrically by the co-writers (Thundamentals‘ Dave Hammer and ARIA-award winning producer Eric J Dubowsky), including the incorporation of electronic instrumentation. The encapsulating qualities of “Saint Lo” are hidden within the crisp, clean lines of the sonic landscape. The start mimics that of a piano ballad, with an ever evolving guitar line. Very quickly, the swift introduction of electronic influences quickly fill the space between Washington’s old and new creative spaces. This track has the perfect amount of space, combined with light and shade to make it one of the most memorable Australian releases for 2016.

Washington © 2016
Washington © 2016

The most radiant and symbolic element associated with this release is the song’s accompanying music video. Stunning silhouettes are portrayed through milk baths and coloured lights. The white milk portraying purity that is corrupted by different influences, yet Washington is nearly always submerged. The clip, directed by Nic Waterman (Washington’s newlywed), is an impeccably beautiful demonstration of two creative energies colliding in  spectacular fashion. Bringing the best out in both parties, Washington described the experience as being “… the most exposed I’ve ever been in a video but also the freest I have felt.

If you’ve ever had love and lost it due to an unbearable conflict, this track will draw out the best and worst aspects of that situation. “Saint Lo” will have you falling to your knees and make you feel grateful to be able to understand what real purity has the potential to be.

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"Saint Lo" - Washington
“Saint Lo” – Washington
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