New Jersey’s Sleepwalker Loses Love to the Night in Debut Single “When the Lights Go Down”

Sleepwalker © Kate Harrison
Sleepwalker © Kate Harrison
In his debut single “When the Lights Go Down,” Kevin Harrison’s Sleepwalker shares a story of far gone romance with a hypnotizing, blues-soaked sound.
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A bluesy synth-pop sound that ignites all the senses, Sleepwalker’s “When the Lights Go Down” provides the ultimate gratifying grunge.

The bold track will have you on the edge of your seat, begging the question… “Where do you go baby, when the lights go down?” With pulsating, static sonics, it almost evokes the feeling of a street light flickering in the dark. His deep, swampy vocals that sing of an aching longing add to the intoxicating sensation. He has become addicted to the lust and we are right there with him.

When the Lights Go Down - Sleepwalker
When the Lights Go Down – Sleepwalker
Well there’s no point to hide
My pride’s been blind
But now I see the way
You get me high
You make me cry
I wanna die when I see you walk away

Released April 25, 2024, “When the Lights Go Down” exudes a radiant rock energy that is contagious. Musician Kevin Harrison, aka Sleepwalker, is known for a fierce quality indicative of bands like Imagine Dragons and The Black Keys.

The New Jersey-based singer/songwriter was previously a part of the bands Broken Compass Society and Kevin Harrison & True North. Now embarking on his solo project, he captures a fresh vibrancy that is raw and real, and his single fully embodies both sensations.

Sleepwalker © Kate Harrison
Sleepwalker © Kate Harrison

“Sleepwalker is a new project exploring a noticeably different sound than the classic rock-oriented Kevin Harrison & True North releases,” Harrison explains on his website. “I’m building these songs from the ground up, playing and recording all of the parts, weaving in new influences, and learning how to engineer, mix, and master as I go.”

Well I just can’t keep waiting
My heart breaking
I’m done praying for the day
you’ll stay/
Through your disguise
Those lying eyes
I realize
You’re bound to run astray

Many of us are familiar with the absent partner narrative. One is like the sad puppy dog waiting while the other person is always elsewhere. It can be exhausting. Sleepwalker knows this well and you can hear his bleeding heart with each powerful note. All he wants is to have that person close when they are already miles away. You sense that scorching desire.

Sleepwalker © Kate Harrison
Sleepwalker © Kate Harrison

When the light goes in
You’ll be running all over town
Where do you go baby
When the lights go down

This idea of lights going down paints a picture of ominous mystery. Things are always more eerie at night. It is just the right setting for this troublesome tale. As the song nears the end it slows to a twinkly haunting melody. You are fearing for the worst and it is just as you suspect… He is left by himself to pick up the pieces.

You say you’re mine
With a smile that could turn me to stone
Tomorrow when I wake
I’ll be lying here all alone

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