Today’s Song: Emotional Oranges Quench Your Morning Thirst with “Sundays”

Emotional Oranges
Emotional Oranges
With “Sundays,” LA-based duo Emotional Oranges continue to create vulnerable R&B tracks that are just as mysterious and sleek as their identities.
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Comprised of male singer/engineer “A” and female vocalist “V,” Emotional Oranges’ catalog is moody with a side of groove. With each release, the LA-based duo peel back another layer revealing vibrant and bouncy songs behind their peculiar demeanor. 

Sundays- Emotional Oranges
Sundays- Emotional Oranges

Their organic sound is how they want to be perceived and so they keep their identities under wraps. In today’s world, where the content and visual aspects of artists are at the forefront, Emotional Oranges are taking a unique path. It’s solely about the music and the connection that comes from it and their success has drawn fans, proving that the music is all that it’s about. To elevate the live experience, they wear sunglasses in performances and add foggy lighting on stage, to remain shielded of their identities.

On their track “Sunday,” they reflect on a past love and how it eventually spiraled out. The two sides of the relationship have different priorities: One giving everything and the other not invested anymore. Trust issues begin the downward slope.

How could you ever question me?
Shit hit me in my chest today
I remember like it’s yesterday
Gave you my best, you just gave it away

Sundays are the days of the week when your worries are put aside and give yourself mental space to get ready for the week. At the same time, they are also days of reflection and often bring nostalgia about what may be happening in your life. Spending your Sunday with someone makes it special and in those moments you are grateful to them in your life. When things go downhill and Sundays are no longer spent the same, it’s back to nostalgia. It’s the wishing and waiting for those days to go back to how they used to be.

Sundays with you were special (special)
I still don’t know how to let go (let go)
Why did you keep in touch? (Touch)
Thought we was deep in love (love)
You didn’t believe in us
Boy, you forgot what we had (we had)
I need you more than I should
I can’t help but love you
Although it hurts to trust you, but
Then we go back and forth
Girl, I’m tired, give you my undivided
Our love is so one-sided, look, look, look, look

With crisp beats and smooth vocals, it’s hard not to bop back and forth, but as you really dive into the lyricism, you can feel the pain. It’s difficult when someone doesn’t love you back in the way that you love them. When it becomes a one-sided relationship, there’s only so much you can do. 

Emotional Oranges have had success with their two EPs, The Juice: Vol. I and The Juice: Vol. II. Word on the street is that Vol. III is in the works right now. Building a strong fan base since the beginning, one of the most drawing aspects of the duo is their mysterious identity. Be prepared for what is to come.

Stream: “Sundays” – Emotional Oranges

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Sundays- Emotional Oranges
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