Premiere: Tiger Darrow’s “Like Summer” Wallows in Bittersweet Heartache

© Tiger Darrow 2018
© Tiger Darrow 2018

Our emotions can make us so fickle and cruel: For all the warmth and joy love can bring, it can deliver sorrow just as hard. Tiger Darrow’s bittersweet ballad “Like Summer” captures the pain of a faulty will they/won’t they relationship defined by wishy-washy feelings, noncommital promises and low expectations.

Tracing skin
Whose scars run deeper
Comparing how we’ve gone through hell
Collecting sins,
Cold sweats and fevers
Time for me to wish you well
Listen: “Like Summer” – Tiger Darrow

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Like Summer,” the latest single from Texas born, NYC-based singer/songwriter Tiger Darrow. Solemn and heartfelt, the mellow ballad rings out with melancholy despair as Darrow struggles with the push and pull of worn-down love:

Look at us now
Two kids in grown up clothes
Stubborn, tired of hearing no
Look at us now
Sometimes nothing changes at all
Like Summer - Tiger Darrow
Like Summer – Tiger Darrow
It’s like summer
All over again
We play cops and robbers till one of us gives in
Like summer
All over again
Playing rough and hard till one of us wins

““Like Summer” is about expecting growth and change as a result of time and distance from someone — but sometimes nothing changes at all,” Darrow tells Atwood Magazine. We feel raw, deep pain in her poignant chorus: “It’s like summer all over again,” she laments, burdened by feelings of stagnation and uncertainty. She sees neither an ending, nor a future with her love – they continue to persist in a dark cycle of necessity, each refusing to take a step either way.

You’re a big bad wolf
But I’m the one howlin’
Cause a bitch like me don’t need no rest
So go and build them up
Your army surrounding
I’ll be swinging on my own

Again and again, Darrow and her lover do their ill-fated dance, going nowhere but never leaving. Sparse electronic samples slowly build around Darrow’s vocals and piano, overwhelming an already grief-stricken track with an ever-increasing weight. Engulfed in turmoil, Darrow never quite finds relief; “Like Summer” is tense all the way through, a bittersweet and turbulent cry into darkness.

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Like Summer - Tiger Darrow

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