Today’s Song: Baltimore’s Tomato Flower “Do It” With a Sense of Urgency & Unwavering Commitment

Tomato Flower © Missy Malouff
Tomato Flower © Missy Malouff
Baltimore psych-pop quartet Tomato Flower dizzily revolve around the mentally draining tension of a breakup, but the song “Do It” off debut album ‘No’ focuses on the simple questions.
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Communication is critical in all relationships, whether they be platonic or romantic.

It is the key to working through any issues or misunderstandings that arise, and both parties must allow each other space to express themselves. Still, sometimes, it seems like a waste of energy to continue arguing when the other person needs to make more of an effort toward the solution. Tomato Flower’s “Do It” is a prime example of letting go of the need to ask why and, instead, do it already.

No - Tomato Flower
Tomato Flower recently released their debut LP, ‘No’

Following their two magnificent EPs, Construction and Gold Arc, released in 2022, the quartet’s recently-released debut LP No (March 8 via Ramp Local) deconstructs their previous dreamlike sound and pivots to a more precise yet sprawling direction, while still maintaining the psychedelic sound they continue to evoke.

Hailing from the “charm city” of Baltimore, the group formed in 2019. and today consists of Jamison Murphy, Mike Alfieri, Ruby Mars, and Austyn Wohlers. Wohlers and Murphy front the vocals, carrying a significant weight; some compare Wohlers’ voice to Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. It is ethereal and cathartic, yet it floats effortlessly over the melodies constructed by the band’s intertwining instruments. Throughout the album, both parties reflect upon their frustration and the unanswered. Even without the prior knowledge that Wohlers and Murphy were in a relationship, it is evident from the raw and unfiltered lyricism that there is tension after the breakup.

Tomato Flower is: Mike Alfieri, Ruby Mars, Jamison Murphy, and Austyn Wohlers © Missy Malouff
Tomato Flower is: Mike Alfieri, Ruby Mars, Jamison Murphy, and Austyn Wohlers © Missy Malouff

The fourth track off the record, “Do It,” begins by throwing you into an anxiety-induced guitar riff –

with Wohlers’ voice lightly muttering, “If you wanna tell me what you mean, just do it. If you wanna stay by my side, just do it.” The lyrics are precise and poignant, conveying a sense of confidence in what is being demanded. It is a call to take action instead of saying words that disappear with no meaning once they are told. Commit to it. Stop making excuses or trying to explain how to express your feelings; do it.

Why don’t you show me what you mean?
Just do it
If you wanna tell me what to wear
Just do it
Why don’t you show me what you mean?
I already told you how I feel

The tone shifts as Wohlers belts, “You never want to go where I want to go. You probably think it’s not too fun, and every time I tell you where I want to take you, you just turn around and run. But I don’t care.” It seems like the situation has finally reached its boiling point, so you rip off all the bandages to show the emotional scars you burden daily from the constant uncertainty. Feeling constantly uneasy, like walking on eggshells, can cause anyone to spiral out of control and wave the white flag of surrender because you cannot help but feel useless, so you stop caring. Wohlers is wailing these statements with her whole chest, sending a shiver up your spine as if you are the one caught in the center of this emotional cyclone.

You never want to go where I want to go
You probably think it’s not too fun
And every time I tell you where I want to take you
You just turn around and run
But I don’t care

As the track begins its crashing conclusion, a flute flutters around in the background between the jarring shimmer of cymbals, and the final questions are asked. “Is it alright? Will you find it inside? Will you find it alright? Sitting in a room in the gallery.” The questions remain unanswered as if there is hope for a change shortly, but you can sense the underlying ache that still resides within. Will this ever be the kind of communicative connection I have longed for?

Tomato Flower © Missy Malouff
Tomato Flower © Missy Malouff

Tomato Flower truly highlight their sonic capabilities on No.

It is a distinguished and complex album full of corrosive-sounding guitars, deafening drums, and acrimonious lyricism.

“Do It” is one of many brilliant tracks on the LP, and we encourage all listeners to sit down and tune in to this album from front to back – all gas, no brakes.

What are you waiting for?

Just do it.

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Stream: “Do It” – Tomato Flower

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No - Tomato Flower

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