Today’s Song: Truitt’s Reign Begins with “Throne”

Truitt band picture 2016
Truitt band picture 2016
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It’s hard to think of two more prominent rising forces in today’s music scene than Nashville and synth pop. It seems Nashville is bursting at the seams, producing so many good new acts that it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Synth pop has found its way into the mainstream, and into our hearts, with its creative beats and catchy hooks. So it seems Truitt, a synth pop act from Nashville, couldn’t have chosen a better time to release their self-titled debut EP (released 8/26/2016). Prepare to be blown away.

Truitt is made up of brother-sister duo Brett and Brigetta Truitt. They are young, aged 22 and 17 respectively, but seem to have found their sound and identity as a band. As they alternate on lead vocals throughout the EP, their own individual identities start to form as well. However, Brigetta and Brett seamlessly combine their two distinct voices into one coherent entity. The artwork for the EP sums up this give-and-take perfectly: Their two faces are layered over each other so that at first glance you might mistake it for just one, but when you look closer, there are actually two. Truitt’s songs take on the experiences and struggles of their generation – love, relationships, loneliness, self empowerment – all while being incredibly catchy; this is pop music at its best.

Listen: “Throne” – Truitt

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Throne,” the first single (released 5/27/2016) from their new EP, is a perfect sample of Truitt’s sound and style. Much like any good sample, it will leave you begging for more.

Hey you, don’t need someone I’m enough
Rather be off all alone
Better building up my throne

Brigetta takes the lead vocals as Brett supplements the track with harmonies. The music is subtle during the first verse and begins to build through the bridge toward the resounding “hey you!” that starts the chorus. This is an anthem of individuality; the powerful chorus captures those feelings perfectly.

This is pop music at its best.

Truitt consists of siblings Brigetta Truitt (L) and Brett Truitt (R)
Truitt consists of siblings Brigetta Truitt (L) and Brett Truitt (R) // Instagram

On their website, Brett and Brigetta say “Throne” is about “being content outside of a romantic relationship.” The pressure to always be in, or looking for, a relationship is very real for them and likely their audience too. “Throne” is their way of pushing back against the status quo, going against the idea that being in a relationship somehow equates self-worth. Being alone isn’t the same thing as being lonely, and that’s a distinction Truitt is trying to make. Brett explains it further saying, “It’s the juxtaposition of being happy alone, and struggling with that happiness.” It’s easy to say that you don’t need or want someone else to complete you, but actually believing it – and living your life like you believe it – is another story. When there are societal expectations weighing down on you, the happiness you feel on your own can become marginalized.

Without you I’m not left hollow
The best of me yet to follow

Being young can be such an enormous privilege because it is all about you; you’re not responsible for anyone but yourself. It is a time to figure out who you are, what you believe in, what direction you want to go in your life. It’s an absolutely vital stage of self-realization and Truitt warns against letting someone compromise that. It’s time to start building your kingdom; at the end of the day, you’re the one that will get to sit on the throne.

‘Throne’ is Truitt’s way of pushing back against the status quo.

It’s truly impressive the way in which Truitt takes these multi-layered issues, dissects them, and, by the end of the song, makes them feel simple – not to mention the way they do all of that while still making an infectiously catchy and totally dance-able song. The rest of Truitt’s debut EP is just as masterful; Truitt brilliantly blends catchy lyrics and complex emotions to make meaningful and fun pop music. Take note now because this band is about to take over the pop scene, in Nashville and far beyond.

Truitt EP - Truitt
Truitt EP – Truitt
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