Premiere: The Lay Awakes’ “Falling in Love” Captures the Feeling of New Emotions

Brooklyn duo The Lay Awakes perfectly allude to the mystery and beauty of “Falling in Love” in their new single and video.

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It’s not always easy to describe what it feels like to be in love, and trying to describe the feeling of falling in love is not any easier. Thankfully, we have music to show us the way: The Lay Awakes’ new single “Falling in Love” captures the feeling of starting to fall in love with your partner while beautifully explaining the confusion that comes with it.

The Lay Awakes © Patrick Kolts
The Lay Awakes © Patrick Kolts

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering The Lay Awakes’ “Falling in Love,”  the latest single and music video off the band’s upcoming debut album Home Away From Home (independently out May 2018). The married duo of Anna Paddock and Patrick Anderson, Brooklyn’s The Lay Awakes quickly bonded over their love of music. Though living in New York, traces of their Canadian roots are evident in their beautiful songwriting.

Do you think we’re falling in love
How else do you explain
this extraordinary night

And how everything feels alright
Do you think we’re falling in love
Do you think we’re falling in love
‘Cause that was no casual kiss
Suddenly there’s so much riding on this
Do you think we’re falling in love

“Falling in Love” captures the realization of being in love with someone and the perfection in the little moments that add up to a beautiful relationship. Patrick Anderson’s soft vocals, mixed with the soft guitar riffs create the mood of realizing you may be in love with your partner. “How else do you explain this extraordinary night, and how everything feels alright,” he sings, highlighting the perfection in realizing you are in love.

The Lay Awakes © Patrick Kolts
The Lay Awakes © Patrick Kolts

This realization is also highlighted with the soft touch of Anna’s piano playing in the song. It further eludes the listener to the beauty  of falling in love that is evident in their song.

Patrick sings “Sometimes, you know before you know, and this feels like one of those times,” as if he already know’s he is in love with her, but wants to make sure she feels the same way, too. And his concerns mirror the concerns many others have in sharing their true feelings with their partner.

In the song, though, Patrick never actually admits to being in love. The lyrics offer the built up suggestion the couple is in love, however, Patrick ends the song by singing,

But if I were pressed
Or had to guess
Then I confess
My answer would be…

to offer the built up suspension of truly accepting ones feelings.

The Lay Awakes © Patrick Kolts
The Lay Awakes © Patrick Kolts

The Lay Awakes’ “Falling in Love” music video is an ideal accompaniment to the song. It follows the couple through a rainy car ride and the little stops in between. It almost suggests that not everything may be perfect when and if you are falling in love, but rather it is the significance of the collection of moments together that makes your love so significant.

Despite the connection Anna and Patrick share, they are still able to capture the mystery of falling in love in their music video. Their connection is heavily apparent through their new single; it is a beautiful connection they gladly share with their listeners. Stream “Falling in Love” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for The Lay Awakes’ upcoming debut album Home Away From Home, out May 2018!

Watch: “Falling in Love” – The Lay Awakes

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