Premiere: Jen Fischer’s “Row” Will Get You Pumped for Spring

Jen Fischer © 2018
Jen Fischer © 2018
Jen Fischer’s jubilant solo debut single “Row” is energizing, resilient, and perfect for the first day of spring.

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When life gave Jen Fischer lemons, she made a killer song. One third of New York based folk/pop group Boy Band, Fischer introduces us to her solo project with her debut single “Row.” This song is fearlessly looking into the belly of the beast and asking “what’s next?” “Row” dares you to keep on going when the going gets tough. It dares you to jump with no safety vest.

Open me up swallow me whole
what do I care

I’ve been down swimming the depths
and won’t be found there

No preserver, not a strong hold
on the port side

And the neighbors will report
that my lungs died
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Atwood Magazine is thrilled to premiere Jen Fischer’s single “Row” from her anticipated debut solo EP Days and Moons. In her collaboration with Ana Dratz and Haley Jane Rose, Fischer is known to contribute vivid lyric work that creates the world of their folk songs. Her knack for cinematic lyrics is also apparent in her solo project. Though, unlike Boy Band, Jen’s solo project feels more hard-hitting. It feels more confrontation though not to anyone in particular except to perhaps Jen herself. In “Row” we are let in on a very intimate pep-talk Jen must have given herself somewhere along the line. We are lucky to get a glimpse into this private moment that has been brilliantly orchestrated by Fischer. The song is not only encouraging, it is an actual success story.

Row - Jen Fischer
Row – Jen Fischer

“A few years ago, I had my appendix removed – I just remember feeling miserable and in pain, and I felt that the healthiest way to cope through that situation was through writing,” Fischer tells Atwood Magazine. “I spent a week in bed writing this song, and I ended up coming up with something that I felt expressed exactly what I was feeling, throughout that entire experience to my recovery.”

And this ship has no sails for the sea how will it go on
I guess we’ll just have to row, row, row

The lyric that stays with us is is “I guess we’ll just have to row, row, row.” The juxtaposition between the effervescent track and Fischer’s somewhat complacent attitude behind the lyrics is ominously reflective of reality. It’s that feeling of knowing that there’s nothing you can do but keep going. It’s a reluctant embrace of a bad situation and plowing through it to move on. Jen Fischer’s “Row” is cognitive of this. Though it does acknowledge the negative, it doesn’t dwell there. The repetition Fischer uses in her lyrics and the energizing strum of her guitar almost feels like a mantra. By the end of the song, the hook remains the same, but the listener is not. This song truly empowers.

“The song, to me, is about perseverance, and making it through difficult situations that feel impossible to overcome,” Fischer explains. Her’s confidence and fearlessness in the song is infectious. She introduces listeners to her solo project with this song because of how unabashedly proud she is of it.

Boy Band © 2018
Boy Band (Center: Jen Fischer) © 2018
Open me up swallow me whole what do I care
I’ve been down swimming the depths and won’t survive there
It’s a long way to the bottom, all the way down
And I’ll pray that the neighbors knew that I drowned
And this ship has no sails for the sea how will it go on
I guess we’ll just have to row, row, row

“As one of my favorite songs I have written thus far, I felt it would be appropriate to release it first. I feel like it encapsulates my style as a songwriter, and I’m very proud of it,” Fischer shares. This uplifting jam definitely sets the high bar for Fischer’s solo project and has us excited to hear the other four songs on her EP. Stream “Row” exclusively on Atwood Magazine and connect with Jen Fischer on social media to be the first to know about her next release.

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Row - Jen Fischer

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