Today’s Song: Delving into Genre-Blending Euphony with Tommy Newport & Jazz Cartier’s Latest Offering “Jackpot”

Tommy Newport © courtesy of the artist
Tommy Newport © courtesy of the artist
In a melodious blend of rap and rock, Tommy Newport and Jazz Cartier bring visionary excellence to life with soaring choruses and ecstatic energy on “Jackpot.”
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The hybrid of rap and indie rock may seem ambiguous at first, yet Tommy Newport and Jazz Cartier have proven through an amalgamation of creativity, that this euphoric blend has the ability to push sonic boundaries and leverage genres to new heights. With his unique, funky, and rather psychedelic style of pop, Newport has always been a multi-dimensional artist, and “Jackpot,” released in late September, showcases exactly why.

Jackpot – Tommy Newport & Jazz Cartier
You’re hidden in a crowd,
your comfort is in numbers

A council to the crown,
you’re broken by your wonders

Mary goes around but does she ever stumble?
Welcome to the house,
where your dreams, they all crumble
This life is tooth decay
We’re watchin’ you wither away
The livin’ is sweet in L.A
We’re makin’ it through the days
Ooh, I, yes, I’m in love
You know I can feel it, feel it enough
I said, ooh, I, yes, I’m in love
You know I can feel it, feel it enough

“Jazz was there for my first show ever at the Fonda in LA and was introduced to me by 4th Pyramid from day 1, so it felt like creating something together has been in the books for a while,” Newport explains. “I’ve always loved the idea of merging indie/rock and rap ever since hearing Mark Ronson pairing Action Bronson and Dan Auerbach together in 2016.”

“4th brought the vibes to the studio with a drum pattern that got the guitar in my hands and thinking of progressions, while Jazz was writing his lyrics. It all came together quickly and felt great. The lyricism hints at a paralleled relationship with Los Angeles and the luck it takes to keep that relationship alive. Jackpot.”

Tommy Newport © courtesy of the artist
Tommy Newport © courtesy of the artist

As his renowned falsetto vocals offer the perfect opening for this hypnotizing realm of genres and musicality alike, it becomes clear why “Jackpot” is a true chart-topper.

Harmony-packed melodies rise atop soaring choruses and booming bass lines to create a completely unique musical project. Honing their combined artistry into a tune that breaks sonic boundaries, “Jackpot” has the ability to inspire, innovate and improve the future of music. Needless to say, if their latest collaboration is anything to go by, Newport and Cartier are just getting started. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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