Today’s Song: Twin Peaks Reach New Heights with “Tossing Tears”

Tossing Tears - Twin Peaks
Tossing Tears - Twin Peaks

As summer sets in the days become longer, the air becomes warmer, and the breeze becomes sweeter. Summer can often feel like falling in love. Summer, like love, is hypnotizing, but ever fleeting. Twin Peaks’ newest release, “Tossing Tears” (June 2017 via Grand Jury Music) is just as sweet and just as quickly ends as it had begun.

Sometimes I just don’t know
Which way they want it to go
I know they have no idea
The way I’m haunted here
Listen: “Tossing Tears” – Twin Peaks
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“Tossing Tears” rolls off of the tongue like silk. Dainty pianos glitter amidst string instruments, electric guitar, and the soft melodies of Ohmme (Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham). “Tossing Tears” shows a slow, mature departure from Twin Peaks debut LP, Sunken. The new single is that of longing and the summer sun. The lyrics ooze simply from the depths of a deep voice. They offer a more solemn side to the song, a stark contrast to the way the instruments flutter gracefully throughout the 4:10 song. Twin Peaks sings of feelings of despair. The feelings you have when everyone close to you doesn’t understand or want to see what is truly going on inside your mind, like “the way I’m haunted here.”

Tossing Tears - Twin Peaks
Tossing Tears – Twin Peaks
Sometimes I just can’t see
Which way she wants it to be
I know she has no idea
The way I want her here

Sunken was littered with lo-fi recordings that introduced Twin Peaks as edgy, garage rock new comers. The spacey guitar riffs coupled with reverb drenched vocals left early listeners reminiscing about the psychedelic era of decades past. As Twin Peaks grew, their music followed suit. The latest album from Twin Peaks, Down In Heaven, is a polished, energized showcase of what they are capable of. Twangy guitar parts and impeccably executed harmonies comprises their 2016 release. “Tossing Tears” does more than continue their pattern of growth, and instead takes their talents a step beyond.

Twin Peaks got it’s start in Chicago back in 2010. The group were merely in high school at the time, but their talent was undeniable. Since their teen years the band has gone on to tour Europe, release three full length LPs, and grace the stages of numerous festivals, such as Lollapalooza.

“Tossing Tears” is especially unique because it is the first release of two singles that Twin Peaks will premiere every month through the end of the year. Every month Twin Peaks will make 300 copies of each 7” made up by the two singles. By the end of 2017, the band will have a limited edition 12” with all of the twelve singles on it. Their goal is to make creating music simpler while they have an extremely busy tour schedule, but not sacrifice the quality of the material. The collection is appropriately titled the Sweet ’17 Singles Series.

Sometimes I just can’t tell
Nothing is ringing a bell
I know I have no idea
The way I’m tossing tears
Twin Peaks © 2017
Twin Peaks © 2017

“Sweet ’17 is a singles series we’ll be releasing from next month through the end of the year,” explains frontman Cadien Lake James. “Given our demanding touring schedule, we figured a good way to release new music without having to carve out the time to record a full length LP between tours, would be to track whenever we could find the time, and release the music in a series of singles.”

It is Twin Peaks groovy, bluesy, catchy sound that has kept the hype buzzing about the group since their incarnation. The act is one of the more innovative of the decade. The completely uncommon way in which they have chosen to release new music, shows the need to carve out a space for Twin Peaks in a time where creating something truly unique seems nearly impossible. Be sure to stay on the lookout for a Twin Peaks show in your area and keep your ear to the ground for their follow up singles. If “Tossing Tears” is any indication of the capabilities of this series, than the rest will only become more impressive from here on out.

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Tossing Tears - Twin Peaks

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