Today’s Song: Luc Seacroft Takes Listeners on Journey of Self-Discovery on “Unplatonic Sun”

Luc Seacroft © 2019
Luc Seacroft © 2019
Showcasing eclectic mix of sounds and influences, Luc Seacroft’s “Unplatonic Sun” narrates a search for identity.
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Even the most compelling story turns tedious when told hundreds of times with little to no variation, and the same applies to art movements. Its everchanging quality and ability to reinvent itself is what keeps art fresh; no matter how beautiful one art movement is, what is even more beautiful is the unpredictability of what it will evolve into.

In music, there are always artists challenging the scene they live within, and transforming the current popular sound into something else by experimenting and incorporating a variety of elements to create a completely new sound. A mix between Steve Reich’s 20th century minimalism, and Bowie’s hypnotic songwriting, Luc Seacroft’s “Unplatonic Sun” takes the listener on a trance-inducing journey through the artist’s psyche.

Watch: “Unplatonic Sun” – Luc Seacroft

There’s an uneasiness to the track from the very beginning, a sense of uncertainty mirrored in the unpredictable production. On one hand, the sturdy drums during the instrumental intro create a path, a path that’s blurred by a crackling synth that seems to challenge the deceptive steadiness of the beat.

I was born in a place unknown
I was born
I was formed in the days and nights
I was warned
I was worn

Soon, Seacroft’s vocals join the unsettling landscape, commencing a story of struggle and personal development. The artist’s unique voice gives the tale a sense of transparency, welcoming the listener into his inner world in a mysterious, captivating manner.

“This is probably my most personal track but it’s also quite weird. At this point the most useful way I can describe my music is “chill / not chill” and musically ‘Unplatonic Sun’ is exactly that; like a hot summer day that’s getting a bit much. “Sunburnt” is the feeling I’d say. It’s reflective of a state of alone-ness, that’s a bit mysterious but that’s an essential part of it. The word “platonic” means non-romantic so you get the gist. It’s dark, but as the lyric says “I know I’m not the only one”, explains Seacroft.

I don’t know where I’m going to,
But if I’m going to
I’m gonna go back home first,
Find my own first,
Then hopefully find you

Further from achieving serenity, the tension increases as the track goes on. It takes the listener from what seems an identity crisis, to questioning what is next, what the future holds. Eventually, the artist finally finds satisfaction in the fact that, there are many others out there who feel the same way.

Under the Unplatonic Sun
I know I’m not the only one

 “Unplatonic Sun” is the third out of five songs that form Seacroft’s debut EP, What Do You See?, which showcases the artist’s wide range of influences and how they have led him to find his own personal sound. Intertwining  thought-provoking lyrics with a hypnotic sound, “Unplatonic Sun” is definitely a song to leave a mark on its listeners.

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