Premiere: Bright Kid’s Anthemic Petition & Protest “Will You Stay”

Bright Kid © Kevin Rose
Bright Kid © Kevin Rose
An infectiously catchy indie pop anthem, Bright Kid’s debut single “Will You Stay” blends our drive to matter with euphoric highs and rich, dynamic melodies.

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Open up my eyes and keep me here this time

As beautiful as it is to be alive, that’s not enough for most of us. We yearn for companionship; for acceptance; for love; for another’s validation of our worth. We don’t want to just be: We want to matter – to mean something, which is so much harder than merely existing. Bright Kid’s debut single captures the many facets of this seemingly instinctual human need: An infectiously catchy indie pop anthem, “Will You Stay” blends our drive to matter with euphoric highs and rich, dynamic melodies.

It’s the perfect rush of warmth and passion, exploding all at once.

Tell me what am I feeling
It’s never been easy
for me to know what’s real

I’ve been so lost but somehow I’m seen
My head is full of voices and
my minds stuck in my dreams
Listen: “Will You Stay” – Bright Kid
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Will You Stay,” the debut single from Chicago band Bright Kid. Formerly known as Owens Room, the trio of Adam Curry, Steve Enison and Jack Rose are making a fresh start with a new name and an intoxicating sound. Writing music “that brings all people together in both spirit and song,” Bright Kid blend energetic alternative rock with the sort of indie synth-infused pop we came to love through acts like Smallpools and BØRNS. “Will You Stay” taps into deep emotions while rocketing us into the sky, inviting a cathartic release of emotional and physical tension through its own musical reckoning.

Will You Stay - Bright Kid
Will You Stay – Bright Kid

“Music has the power to break down divisions, speak beyond the human word and bring about healing,” Bright Kid share in their short, but powerful bio. “In music we find a common ground, and Bright Kid lives to search for the messages and melodies that can unite us and uplift anyone who cares to listen.” Theirs is a lofty goal, but good things come to those with great ambition.

Open up my eyes
and keep me here this time
Oh, will you stay

“This song is about how we all have a desire to be shown and reminded that we are significant enough for relationships,” Bright Kid’s Jack Rose tells Atwood Magazine. “There is always a struggle between feeling confident in what we offer and needing validation we are doing it right. Whether that’d be a friendship, romantic, spiritual – we want to know that at the end of the day that someone or something will be there to lift us up when we are down and see value in who we are.”

The verses find Rose singing both to himself and that “significant” other, longing for any semblance of a hint or clue to give him the anchoring he needs. We sense loneliness, anticipation, aggravation and more as he wrestles with himself over innate insecurities:

Healing, why can’t I just breathe it in?
Oh it’s more than a feeling in the end
This road I travel on that can
keep me walking for too long
With every turn I will learn what to lean on
Bright Kid © Kevin Rose
Bright Kid © Kevin Rose

Open up my eyes and keep me here this time,” Bright Kid chant in their invigorating chorus. It’s a petition and protest all in one – an impassioned outcry of unknowable magnitude that gets stuck in our heads the first time, burrowing deep inside us and refusing to leave. Memorable and meaningful, Bright Kid’s debut is the introduction every band hopes for: It establishes their expert balance of melody and depth, while demanding our full attention.

Stream “Will You Stay” exclusively on Atwood Magazine ahead of its worldwide 3/30/2018 release! And yes, Bright Kid: We will stay.

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Will You Stay - Bright Kid

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? © Kevin Rose
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