Premiere: Rock Out to the The Brevet’s Intoxicating “Gateway Drug”

The Brevet © Pete Black
The Brevet’s intoxicating new single “Gateway Drug” is a hearty blues rock cry fueled by tender love and impassioned energy.

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There’s something timelessly appealing about sweaty, bluesy rock n’ roll. Maybe it’s the heart-on-sleeve honesty of those tiny inflections – the way a guitar will bend its note just enough to evoke passion, yet keep restraint. Perhaps it’s the grit of a singer’s voice, mixed in time with the heavy pulse of bass and drums. Whatever it is, The Brevet have it, and they’re more than happy to share their gift with the world. The band’s intoxicating new single “Gateway Drug” is a hearty blues rock cry fueled by tender love and impassioned energy.

Hey there green eyes
Come around now
I wanna get to know you
Know you now, know you better
‘Cause you make me feel like I am crystalized
Stuck on high high hopes
You’ve got me hypnotized
I get the feeling like I’m gonna explode
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Gateway Drug,” the third single off The Brevet’s upcoming third album, LEGS (out 10/12/2018 via Pretend City Records). An acronym standing for “L”ike “E”very “G”reat “S”tory, LEGS has the look and feel of a record that’s ready to transcend the moment. The Brevet’s album campaign, a partnership with Pledge Music, has so far seen the release of emphatic singles “Locked & Loaded” and “So Long” – both of which are rife with intense feeling. Tight, turbulent, and full of graceful grit, the Irvine band of Aric Chase Damm, David Aguiar, John Kingsley, Greg Burroughs, and Julian Johnson are poised now, more than ever, to bring their rock to a wide mainstream audience just waiting for that sweet release.

Legs - The Brevet

LEGS – The Brevet

True to its name, “Gateway Drug” is a catchy jam ready for repeat listens. “This song was one of the most fun and free songs to write on the record,” frontman Aric Chase Damm tells Atwood Magazine. We feel this warmth and cheer emanate through the chorus as Damm and his fellow bandmates unleash their inner longing.

All I ever think about is you
You’re like a gateway drug
That I ain’t ever gonna get use to
All I ever think about is your love
You keep getting me, getting high
Darling you’re my gateway drug

“Gateway Drug” is a high-flying affair, and The Brevet wouldn’t have it any other way. Damm explains, “We really wanted that live show energy that this song brings to translate to the record, and I think it did. We are all really pleased with how this one turned out!”

The Brevet © Pete Black

The Brevet © Pete Black

It’s a bit of a tightrope I’ve been walking on
For years I’ve been hanging on
I wanna know are you coming along
Tell your mama that you’re leaving
This might be what your heart’s been needing
‘Cause you know you make me feel crystalized
Stuck on high high hopes
You’ve got me hypnotized
I get the feeling like I’m gonna explode

With LEGS out in just one month’s time and The Brevet on tour this fall (dates here), “Gateway Drug” is the itch we won’t be able to stop scratching – a song burning with the desire to tell the one you love just how much they mean to you. Light, loving, and charmingly sincere, The Brevet’s new single solidifies this rock band as a group worth watching closely in the months to come, as they bring their music to as many willing ears as possible.

 LEGS is out 10/12/2018 via Pretend City Records (pre-order through Pledge Music here). Stream “Gateway Drug” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Legs - The Brevet

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