Premiere: Feeling Infinite with Anie Delgado’s Radiant “Galaxy”

Anie Delgado © Erik Junke
Anie Delgado © Erik Junke
Anie Delgado indulges in a moment of serene euphoria on her new single “Galaxy,” a buoyant indie pop fire burning ever brighter.
Listen: “galaxy” – Anie Delgado
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I feel like a galaxy when I’m amongst people who radiate love, high vibes, and unconditional support.

What gives you strength and lights your fire? For some, it’s people; for others, it’s an activity or work. No matter what gets you going, we can all connect to the elation of inner fulfillment and realized purpose – the joy of knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Anie Delgado indulges in a moment of serene euphoria on her new single “Galaxy,” a buoyant indie pop fire burning ever brighter.

Galaxy - Anie Delgado
Galaxy – Anie Delgado
Under the violet lights
We are safe.
we freak out, we let go,
We’re free.
Cause we are animals.
We are wild.
We are moving,

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Galaxy,” Anie Deglado’s first single of 2019. Produced by PJ Bianco (Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, ARIZONA) with Nick Lee, “Galaxy” is one of the first full looks into Delgado’s nascent artistry: Growing up between Miami and Melbourne, FL and having graduated from NYU with a degree in the performing arts, Delgado brings a poetic bent to her emotive and impassioned “indie” pop music. After parting ways with New York-based indie experimental rock band Dr. Medicine, Delgado began working with a slew of producers and self-released the songs “Average Joe,” “Say It,” and “Solstice” between 2017 and 2018.

While these tracks accentuate Delgado’s profound vocal strength and her wide range, they pale in comparison to the energy, story, and sleek instrumental work in “Galaxy.” Delgado’s first release since relocating to Los Angeles in 2018 finds her buried deep in a moody, electronic-driven soundscape. We hear her spread her wings and fly as she embraces individuality and togetherness in a highly connective chorus:

I don’t wanna complicate things tonight.
I just wanna sip on my pride.
Yeah, we’re distant stars but we’re intertwined.
And we react so differently.
We’re a galaxy.
When we’re in sync.
It’s a beautiful thing.
And we just let it be
To happen naturally
Baby you and me
We’re a galaxy.
I don’t feel alone drifting through the sky
We’re a galaxy —
I just feel at home with you by my side.
Anie Delgado © Erik Junke
Anie Delgado © Erik Junke

“I was on a bender of bad romances after breaking up with my first love,” the artist recounts. “I never seemed satisfied. I’d either lose myself in a new fling or lose interest. When I was at my lowest, one of my best friends reminded me that everything I needed was already inside of me: That I was my own galaxy. That revolution changed my life. I spent the next year learning independence and working on myself til out of the blue, I met someone who stopped me in my tracks. It scared me because I felt like I still had work to do on myself, but for the first time I understood that I didn’t need to lose my identity and independence to be with someone. Like me, he was his own galaxy: Strong, independent, and vibrant. I felt like together we could do anything. Be anything.”

She continues, “The conversation my friend and I had always resurfaces, but with my growth it takes on [a] different meaning. I feel like a galaxy when I’m amongst people who radiate love, high vibes, and unconditional support. My friends are my galaxy just as much as my love is. Most of all humanity is a galaxy. We are all so different and so complex and so capable and when we are moving in perfect sync we can do anything. ‘Galaxy’ is that feeling you get when you’re dancing with strangers, dancing with your friends, dancing with your love, or dancing with yourself. Galaxy is a song about finding what makes you feel infinite.”

‘Galaxy’ is a song about finding what makes you feel infinite.

You stop me in my tracks.
We collide,
We hold on,
and I can hardly breathe.
Cause I just saw you here
When we glide —
I don’t wanna leave.
I just wanna stare into your desert eyes.
But I’m feelin’ another vibe.
I promise I’ll leave with you at the end of the night.
But I just need to unwind–

Intimate and universal, “Galaxy” invites all to join in Anie Delgado’s reverie. Stream the new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and get to know this exciting fresh face through our interview below.

We’re a galaxy.
When we’re in sync.
It’s a beautiful thing.
And we just let it be
To happen naturally
Baby you and me
We’re a galaxy.
Listen: “galaxy” – Anie Delgado
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Atwood Magazine: Why did you decide to debut with “Galaxy”?

Anie Delgado: When I started working with PJ Bianco, he gave me the task of writing with no genre in mind. In the year before I met him, I had written and collaborated with a number of other producers who had me write to a brand or sound they saw for me and PJ recognized this. He wanted to strip my writing process down so I could write something truly genuine. I think I sent him like ten ideas recorded on voice memos on my phone with my guitar. “Galaxy” was the first song I sent him and we both gravitated toward it. Being a perfectionist, I kept writing and writing but I couldn’t stop thinking about that record. I was at Coachella watching people dance at Four Tet’s set and it just solidified what Galaxy meant to me. And then I was like… That’s it. That’s the song. We cut the song in a couple of hours and I loved the production PJ and co-producer Nick Lee brought to the table so I decided to release it.

How do you view your artistry today, and how do you envision yourself developing?

Delgado: I have a lot to say but I’m finding out how to cut through the noise and bring to the surface what really matters most to me. It’s an interesting balance between learning to be just precious enough with my music and thoughts. I tend to write a lot of emotional things lately which could just be who I am, but I want to try everything. I’ve been challenging myself to write at least one song a day.  I have a notebook that I keep like a diary and once I day I sit down and just write whatever I’m feeling.

I’m at a really happy and exciting time in my life and some artists would argue that it’s harder to write during those periods, but I am really loving listening to the nuances of what I’m feeling. Life is never really one thing and I think this duality of life effects my music big time. I like to play the devil’s advocate.

I was a super angsty teen and I depended on music to process my feelings and confront things so I hope that my music will help other young people understand what they’re feeling too and deal with their feelings in a healthy way. I’m excited to break into the mainstream pop market but I’m having a lot of fun finding what makes me weird and unique and making those things a part of my music.

Anie Delgado © Erik Junke
Anie Delgado © Erik Junke

How did you settle on your current style and genre?

Delgado: Pop was always the goal but because there is so much out there, it was really important to me to find what was unique about me as an artist and run with it in my music. I think PJ’s challenge to just write, plain and simple without worrying about style or genre played a big hand in being able to hone in on my sound. It seems ironic, but when I wasn’t worried about my style is exactly when I found it. I found out that I write really etherial, vibey lyrics and from there we developed the production style to match the vibe and feeling of what I had simply written on my guitar.

What's been the biggest growing pain / obstacle for you so far?

Delgado: Finding the right team and the right sound. It’s so tough because people see you and they see all of these things you could do — which is really flattering and awesome, but after hearing so much feedback it’s easy to lose sight of who you are. You have to know who you are to make good music so it’s important to find a team who compliments and celebrates that. It’ll always be grateful to Jeff Gordon for introducing me to PJ Bianco. Right away, it was an amazing match. PJ not only listened to what I wanted, he pushed me to discover myself and my sound on my own. PJ also brought Nick Lee onto the project which was another major blessing. They both bring so much to the table.

What's your artistic/musical goal in this first year?

Delgado: I want to release music as frequently as I can. I’m fortunate to have an audience on Instagram who have been asking and asking for new music and I am super excited to finally deliver on this after taking the year to develop! Performing has always been my first love so with new music I’m hoping for some awesome performance opportunities. I’d love to play some festivals next year and collaborate with other artists I love and respect.

— — — —

Galaxy - Anie Delgado

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