This Just In: Matt Corby and Tash Sultana “Talk It Out” in Effervescent New Single

Tash Sultana - Matt Corby // Shoreditch, London. Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis
Tash Sultana - Matt Corby // Shoreditch, London. Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis
Matt Corby and Tash Sultana collaborate on their effervescent new single “Talk It Out,” a groovy jam that will help you keep your cool.
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They say opposites attract. For whatever reason it is, most of the time, this saying is true. A person with one point of view meets someone with an entirely different point of view and something about that collision of thoughts makes them fall in love. This creates a balance that most people need in life, but it can also create arguments that seemingly have no end. The only way people get through this is to keep an open communication, or in other words, keep their cool and talk it out. Matt Corby joins forces with Australian multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana creating a new single that will mellow you out and make you want to “Talk It Out.”

Talk It Out - Matt Corby, Tash Sultana
Talk It Out – Matt Corby, Tash Sultana

Corby explains their collaboration best: “I wrote the song during the sessions for Rainbow Valley, but in a different way to the rest of the album. It didn’t feel like it was a fit for the record so I revisited it with Tash recently. Tash has a giant musical beast living inside of her, so I knew she could deal with whatever I threw at her. It was amazing to collaborate with someone like that and have her throw her musical stylings over the song.”

Sultana adds, “We originally started having a jam in early 2017, then life came between making music together. We always wanted to work with one another and this track came about because Matt didn’t include it on Rainbow Valley. He sent it to me to fill in the blanks and it’s the first collaboration I’ve done with another artist that I’ve released. I’m super proud of what we’ve done. Matt is an amazing songwriter and instrumentalist. He’s also an absolutely awesome guy with a huge soul so it was a privilege to be a part of this project.”

“Talk It Out” starts off with a hopeful melody echoed with keys and a low beat. Corby’s silky-smooth vocals enter,

We both see a different view
Even when we’re lying next to each other
I never get the space around you
So much of us is hidden under cover

An infectious beat takes over as Sultana’s high and raspy voice harmonizes with Corby’s deep soft tones for the chorus,

Let’s talk it out,
talk it out, talk it out

The mood of the music is groovy: It’s funky. Intentionally or not, it brings a wave of calm and joy over you. It sends the message to relax, take a beat – it puts you in the mood to talk it out. Sultana’s bright vocals take over the second verse with perhaps the lyric that most drives the meaning of the song home,

I guess we didn’t think this through, we were too in love to think about tomorrow.

As the song goes on you sink deeper into it. You feel the beat and you let it take over you. You groove with it. The song continues into another chorus before breaking down into an echoing guitar lick with that funky beat driving it to its finality. It makes you believe that they did talk it out. They worked it out and it is going to be alright. The collaboration of the artists creates a sound unique to them. It’s like striking gold when the musicality of a song makes you want to do what the lyrics are telling you to do so precisely. Corby and Sultana execute this perfectly. We can only hope for more collaborations from these two, for now, let “Talk It Out” hold you over.

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Stream: “Talk It Out” – Matt Corby, Tash Sultana

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Talk It Out - Matt Corby, Tash Sultana

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