Premiere: Pete Davidson’s “thank u, next” Cover Is All BDE

Pete Davidson’s take on “thank u, next” is writhing with BDE: He took what was already a great song, and made it even better.

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While Ariana Grande is currently dominating the world on her Sweetener World Tour, her ex-fiancé has opted to step away from the comedy world and has released his own cover of Grande’s “thank u, next” from the album of the same name.

Unless you’re a completely uncultured moron, you know the song. It slaps, but not as hard as it does when Davidson sings it, and Atwood Magazine is proud to premiere this cover.

ariana grande thank u next SINGLE
thank u, next – Ariana Grande

This level of unflinching honesty is something that’s never been seen in pop music or comedy or even the world before. It’s so brave to hear Davidson sing about his most public relationships. Move over Hannah Gadsby; Davidson just dropped this year’s Nanette.

Not losing his sense of humor, Davidson said this about the song:

“I know I said that Ari just thought my dick was big, because she’s so small, but I recently had an epiphany: “Oh yeah, I do have a big dick, and that’s what this song is really about.” I think it’s nice; after we broke up, she wrote a song about how good I am in bed. It’s inspiring! All of my songs are about my dick. My album’s [giggles] coming out [laughs] next [laughs] year [laughs until milk comes out of his nose]. Do you know what BDE stands for? “Pete fucking Davidson.” Okay, in all seriousness, I’m gonna hit the road, opening for Kid Cudi. I should be headlining, but I guess these are the open mics of the music world, am I right? Rolling Stone never wrote a good review of Led Zeppelin, and I’m better than that. How could I expect Cudi to just let me close every show? I should be closing, but he’s my friend. I’ll throw him a bone. I’m like this generation’s Stevie Nicks and Tupac combined.”

The Staten Island comic-turned-rapper is currently dating actress Kate Beckinsale, and it’s a little unfortunate that he didn’t reference their relationship in the cover, but maybe we’ll learn more about it come time for this Kid Cudi tour. The song does see Davidson making further waves in the rap world. The comic-err, rapper’s friend and The Dirt co-star, Machine Gun Kelly, is already plotting a remix.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

While Davidson is already reinventing the rap world, it is a blow to Saturday Night Live and the comedy world. When asked if he was going to keep doing standup, Davidson commented:

“I might go back to standup, but I feel like I already did everything. [John] Mulaney tried to tell me I was the George Carlin of this generation, but I was really more like the Richard Pryor. Where can you go from there?… Yeah, I know he wasn’t biracial, but I am. Best of both worlds; number one in Rolling Stone, baby. Yeah, I’m just gonna make music now. I invented big dick energy, and why would I let all these SoundCloud rappers coast off of that? Standup was cool though. Maybe Lorne [Michaels] will let me be a regular musical guest. Maybe, you could take my place on SNL. You said you’re a comic, right? What’s your name again?… “James Crowley?” Terrible name for comedy. You should quit now.”

I invented big dick energy, and why would I let all these SoundCloud rappers coast off of that?

While the comedy world may have lost the Richard Pryor of the 21st Century, we have absolutely found our next John Lennon.

Pete Davidson’s take on “thank u, next” is writhing with BDE: He took what was already a great song, and made it even better. NASA should track down the Voyager Gold Record, bring it back to earth, replace every song with this cover, and send it back. Those aliens will be invading earth in no time to hear humanity’s genius..

thank u, next - Pete Davidson
thank u, next – Pete Davidson

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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

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Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’


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