Feature: Rihanna Unapologetically Returns with New Album ‘Bad Girl Gone Good’

After a four-year hiatus, Rihanna returns with a triumphant, modern, and unapologetic new album ‘Bad Girl Gone Good.’

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Although it seemed that 2020 was full-speed headed in a downward spiral with no sight of relief nearby, today we celebrate. Rihanna returns after a four-year hiatus with a triumphant, modern, and unapologetic new album Bad Girl Gone Good. This work arrives twelve years after the sassy and savage full-length Good Girl Gone Bad – undoubtedly the album that skyrocketed her career – and plays on Rihanna’s dynamic and personal evolution throughout this decade.

Bad girl Gone Good – Rihanna

Quickly, let’s retell the impressive and iconic story of Barbados-born Robin Rihanna Fenty before launching head over heels into her newest musical composition. At only fifteen years of age, Rihanna ignited her career after a vacation to New York City and impromptu performance for Def Jam Records. Her releases have ranged from the Caribbean-inspired debut Music of the Sun to the sensual and dance track heavy exposition Loud. She’s known for her signature raspy vocals and unexpected crossover collaborations with the likes of Coldplay, Jay-Z, and even Calvin Harris. After tackling the music industry from top to bottom, Rihanna has now developed an international business and brand Fenty and become a household name for international, change-making philanthropy. Icon is an understatement.

Last week, Rihanna released the single “BELIEVE IT” with PARTYNEXTDOOR, but critics and listeners didn’t realize that this drop served as the premonition for Bad Girl Gone Good. “BELIEVE IT” centers around a hard-hitting bassline and Rihanna’s layered, sultry vocals. With heavy vibrations and quick snaps, this track exudes Talk That Talk era energy, an energy fans have yearned for again and again. Rihanna sends a powerful signal to us to “BELIEVE IT,” believe that the queen has returned full force and ready to reclaim her crown. Prepare your ears for sheer magic.

In Bad Girl Gone Good, Rihanna croons about the power of female friendship and reclaiming the sexual empowerment of women; and she does it mostly by flipping her old tracks on their heads. For example, “Umbrella Unloaded” features Beyonce – instead of Jay-Z as on the original – and illuminates the strength of platonic yet deep-rooted connection to another person. Furthermore, the title track includes surprise guest Britney Spears, a fellow female celebrity whose rollercoaster career and growth have been picked and prodded by the media in a similar fashion to that of Rihanna. This type of power move could only be accomplished by an artist with confidence, grace, and unapologetic self-assurance.

Bad Girl Gone Good Tracklist:

  1. Umbrella Unloaded (Ft. Beyonce)
  2. Ur Killin’ Me
  3. Please Stop the Music
  4. Breakin’ Bluffs
  5. Shut Up and Deceive
  6. Hate That I’m A Fool For You (Ft. Blake Shelton)
  7. Say It’s True
  8. Sell Me Slander
  9. Lemme Get That
  10. Rehab Needed
  11. Question Reality
  12. Bad Girl Gone Good (Ft. Britney Spears)
  13. Cry Cause It Ain’t Real
  14. Haunted By Lies

Rihanna ©Robert Kamau

Bad Girl Gone Good demands a multitude of accolades, rounds of applause, and infinite plays from listeners across the globe. Before we move forward too hastily though, let’s reminisce on one of Rihanna’s most notable and emotive ballads. In the words of Rihanna’s iconic serenade in “Take A Bow,”

You look so dumb right now.

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