Exclusive Premiere: Thirsty Invite You Down Their Rabbit Hole with “The Albatross”


The idea that rock & roll is dead is one that UK band Thirsty is willing to challenge with their new single, “The Albatross,” which Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering today. In the title-track of their upcoming sophomore album Albatross, Thirsty explore the connections between rock & roll and blues and deliver something refreshingly classic. The sound they give us is beautifully crafted, with the guitar, drums, and vocalist Guy Bailey’s raspy voice blending together smoothly throughout and, towards the end of the song, they surprise you with the piano which rounds off the track and adds even more depth to what you’re listening to. It’s a timeless piece, which brings back the familiar rock and roll and twists it around a little bit.

Listen: “The Albatross” – Thirsty

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The Albatross” is the kind of song you want to listen to with your eyes closed just so you can immerse yourself into it completely. That would be the most appropriate way to do justice to Russian poet Irina D and The Quireboys founder Guy Bailey’s lyrics, after all. It’s also the kind of song that would be played to introduce a badass, slightly rebellious character in a movie – the heartthrob who’s also a bad boy with a certain air of mystery to him. Or you could listen to it at a bar with your friends in a more relaxed setting. It’s a versatile but also unique song which makes it even more interesting. “The Albatross” has been described as “hard boiled blues land[ing] somewhere Leonard Cohen and classic Rolling Stones” – needless to say, it begs your attention.

“Instead of the cross, the albatross”

“It’s alright, It’s alright, He loves her soul”

Albatross - Thirsty
Albatross – Thirsty (out November 7, 2016)

Thirsty is asking you for your trust, reassuring you that it will all be “alright,” but convincing you that you should follow them and believe in the albatross. This may as well be seen as an invitation to believe in them, with the albatross serving as the symbol of their music right now like the cross is the symbol of christianity. The instrumental breaks in the song allow you to devise your own idea of what “The Albatross” is and means for you, you’re in charge of filling the gaps and creating your own path while Thirsty serves as the backbone for your journey, supporting and guiding you all the way through. This is like your fall down Thirsty’s own rabbit hole.

“The Albatross” serves as the perfect introduction to Thirsty’s sophomore album, Albatross, which will be released November 7th. After a very successful and critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Thirsty is back. The team behind the second album includes no one less than Rolling Stones’ producer Chris Kimsey, who also played a role on the production of their previous album.

If “The Albatross” is any indication of what’s to come, Thirsty is set for success and for another well-received album really soon. Have a listen to “The Albatross” and start counting down the days until November 7th, when you’ll be able to embark on the rest of the journey into Thirsty’s private wonderland.

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