Premiere: The Raw Savagery of Avery Mandeville’s Assertive & Empowering “Get Real!”

“Get Real!” is an empowering, charismatic, and stupidly catchy flash of indie rock savagery that captures the authenticity and excitement of Avery Mandeville’s artistry.

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Does anyone really need to explain the meaning of these two vicious words? When you tell someone to GET REAL!, you’re calling them out as hypocrites and phonies. You’re exposing their (hopeful) shame, their inauthenticity, and their vanity – forcing them to look in a mirror and confront an ugly truth about their character. One might naturally expect a song titled “Get Real!” to be bold and fierce, and Avery Mandeville has followed through on both accounts.

Happy Birthday, Avery Jane - Avery Mandeville
Happy Birthday, Avery Jane – Avery Mandeville
I see these boys
They say to come through
But fuck that noise
Ain’t what I’m into
Get real!

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Get Real!” (co-written and produced by Joshua Perna) the lead single off Avery Mandeville’s recently-released debut album Happy Birthday, Avery Jane (July 2018 via Telegraph Hill Records). A New Jersey indie rock singer/songwriter hailing from Lincroft and based in Asbury Park, Avery Mandeville and her band The Man Devils – consisting of Matt Fernicola (bass, electric guitar), Owen Flanagan (drums), and Branden Steinagle (synthesizer) –  are ruthless, reckless, progressive, and grounded.

Avery Mandeville © Jade McDonnough
Avery Mandeville © Jade McDonnough
I see these boys
They say “I love you”
But fuck that noise
Man I don’t know you
Get real!

While 2017’s debut EP Salty offered a deep look into the artist’s unbridled lyricism and fittingly raw, earnest vocal technique (“No More Dick Pix” is a good introduction to her ethos and style), Happy Birthday, Avery Jane is an indie rock debut that is sure to get people talking. Avery Mandeville brings a level of clarity, vulnerability, and ferocity to her indie rock songs that we haven’t seen or heard in years. All of this begins with album opener “Get Real!” a powerful shakedown of duplicity:

““Get Real!” is about feeling like an afterthought and not a priority in music and in general,” Avery Mandeville tells Atwood Magazine. “It was inspired by a promoter who stopped booking me when I rejected him. When we play it live, all the women in the room gravitate to the front and together we start a riot.”

Mandeville’s pent-up energy explodes in the song’s dazzling chorus:

I’m just trying to get paid
For all the hours that I play
Put that money in my hand
Let me watch the other bands
If you think that I’m so nice
Well, that’s just the way I write
You’re just saying how you feel
I’m just saying to get real
Avery Mandeville "Get Real" music video still
Avery Mandeville “Get Real” music video still

Produced by Mango Visuals and animated by Noah Rauchwerk, the “Get Real!” music video is a fat slap in the face to frauds and fakes everywhere. Mandeville confronts exploitation and general “fuckboys” by taking ownership of herself – physically, mentally, sexually, and otherwise.

Mandeville reflects, “The music video for “Get Real!” is a creepy and adorable fever dream. The team at Mango Visuals, who created my last music video for “Blood,” took my dry sense of humor and added a colorful ’80s dance vibe. My little sister Kylie and I set a scene that will probably upset both our parents and the Catholic church. Come for the dancing, stay for the subliminal messaging.”

They say you’re not like the other girls
They say you’re different
Yeah you rock my world
I said get real!
Just because you need to
fill the bill fill the bill
doesn’t mean I’m available
I said get real!

The artist asserts her integrity in a massive middle finger to those whose sole intention is to take advantage for their own selfish interests. She doesn’t want them, and she doesn’t need them – and neither do you. “Get Real!” is an empowering, charismatic, and stupidly catchy flash of indie rock savagery that captures the authenticity and excitement of Avery Mandeville’s artistry.

Stream “Get Real!” exclusively on Atwood Magazine and dive into Avery Mandeville’s debut album for a full dose of uncensored reality!

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Stream: “Get Real!” – Avery Mandeville

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Happy Birthday, Avery Jane - Avery Mandeville

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