Today’s Song: Seamless Cut & Sew Production on LUCA LUSH’s “Anything 4 U”


The electronic music industry may be extremely saturated and ever expanding, but a number of producers are still managing to break away from the crowd to show us there are still areas to be explored. One such DJ is LUCA LUSH (stylized ʟᴜᴄᴀ ʟᴜsʜ), who has invigorated the electronic underground scene with his vibrant, forward-thinking sound and is aiming higher than ever with his latest single, “Anything 4 U.”


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By building a parallel between the variety of musical elements and the lyricism on the track, LUCA LUSH is able to truly showcase his uncanny ability of melding genres. He stays true to his primary aesthetic by opening with bright, bouncy synths that define the subgenre of future bass. These beats and textures instantly call the likes of fellow future bass maven Marshmello to mind, but rather than coast in the same vein, LUCA LUSH takes listeners on a multifaceted journey of electronic exploration. The track moves quickly to a round of claps that crescendo directly into the vocal sample.

Do what you want me to
Get on my knees for you
What else is there to do?

Distorted and high pitched, the vocal speaks to a certain type of urgency that’s felt throughout the track. The lyrics themselves are straightforward and relatable to anyone who has felt so desperately attracted to someone that they would do anything to be with them. The fluctuation from one element to the next, and the overlaps that come as a result, represent a sense of chaos that relates directly to the feeling behind the song. Love can feel frantic and even dire when we’re not sure if it will be reciprocated, especially when we’re willing to try anything to make it work.


The track then flows effortlessly from the main vocal back to a bouncy beat, but this one is more bass-focused with varied synths backing up the secondary vocal sample. Eventually, we hit a moment of relief with lighter notes that stand almost completely alone before heading back into the main vocal. With surprises around every corner, this song keeps your mind guessing and your head bobbing every step of the way.

With such a wide variety of elements at play in “ANYTHING 4 U,” it’s easy to imagine any one of these layered puzzle pieces being pulled out to create an individual masterpiece. And while many producers could likely make one or two of the elements on “ANYTHING 4 U” work, there are only a few who could turn a medley like this one into a seamless story. That fact is precisely what makes LUCA LUSH such an artist to watch out for. As he continues to challenge the idea that genres are a necessary part of music, we’ll be on the edge of our seat for his next release.

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