Premiere: A Journey of Unexpected Warmth in Aparde’s “Glass”

It is rare to listen to a song nowadays and hear the warmth and grit of unadulterated, every day sounds in it. Technology has evolved, and so has music production, with synth-like sounds and digitally programmed tracks being available at the tips of one’s finger. Aparde defies this notion with his new single “Glass,” which Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering today. “Glass,” the title track of Aparde’s debut album GLASS out on October 13th via Ki Records, was recorded using purely analogue instruments and sounds he created and recorded (mostly using glass) – as was the rest of the album, though that is not what one would assume when listening to the song for the first time. Aparde subverts expectations with “Glass,” a sonic journey into his world and also inside oneself, with a sound that envelops you coupled with lyrics that paint impactful pictures.

Listen: “Glass” – Aparde

“Glass” is trance-like, powerful, and inviting – a mystery which begs to be uncovered by the listener. Aparde’s layered voice echoes through the song like it’s stuck in a glass chamber which, considering how he recorded the album, might not be too far from the truth. The song’s beginning burns slowly, gently easing the listener into Aparde’s world. The powerful imagery he evokes with his words isn’t lost among the instrumental section of the song, and instead Aparde presents us with visual cues of the story he’s pulling us into.

Cover me in fuel
Chase me down the road
Risen walls unfold
Mastery of the thrones
Aparde © Christoph Spranger
Aparde © Christoph Spranger

The song picks up, with the beat speeding up, Aparde’s voice reaching new lengths, and more sonic element being added to the mix. If we were being pulled inside Aparde’s world before, now we’re navigating and exploring it. The music, at times light and shiny and at times slightly haunting, shows us the depths of experiences Aparde had and, consequently, we can have too. Aparde references the “unknown” we’re now in, which in reality comes from “within [our] core.” He can’t see things clearly, “through milky glass” instead of clear one, but uses the song and this journey to see if that can change.

Rooted deep within
Within your core
Folded arms towards the unknown
I see my life through milky glass

Aparde’s skill as a musician and instrumentalist is exemplified on “Glass.” Listening to the song, it is hard to believe that he opted for analogue instruments and even pieces of glass to create the track. There is, however, a warm quality and human touch to the song which is hard to emulate and was clearly only achieved because of how “Glass” was created. Much like the artwork attached to it, there is darkness, mystery, and intrigue in the song, which are all brought together by its core – the human experience. As the title track of Aparde’s upcoming debut album, “Glass” promises ambition, poetry both lyrically and sonically, and a discovery of the self on Aparde’s upcoming debut album GLASS. Keep your eyes open for Aparde’s next releases and check him out on tour in Europe soon to see this masterpiece of a song come to life.

Watch: “Glass” – Aparde

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photo © Christoph Spranger

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